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Make Carp Fishing Baits Better to Save Money and Catch Your Dream Fish Cheaper!

Tim F. Richardson

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Saving yourself the cost of expensive bait is one of the most important factors in fishing success for many carp fishermen. It can take quantities of expensive readymade bait to achieve great results and if you have a way of making this very quickly and very cheaply then you can save yourself untold fortunes and catch as many if not more fish than on readymade baits. Once you have a few basic bits of information on making baits you are free to create unique economical baits for big fish for years to come and save yourself a real fortune!

Carp live on mostly protein based foods which contain essential fats and oils which provide most of their energy; in their natural water environment carbohydrate foods are rare. In contrast to humans therefore, carp do not use carbohydrates, but oils and proteins for their energy requirements and process these extremely efficiently which is not surprising as carp have long evolved to do this. This is why making baits using protein ingredients is more beneficial from a dietary needs of carp perspective and also why protein ingredients and oils are so feed-stimulatory to carp too.

Protein ingredients are used very much in carp bait making because they contain stimulating and dietary essential amino acids. Of the 10 or so carp essential amino acids some of the most important ones are: Lysine, methionine, valine, leucine, phenylalanine, histidine, isoleucine, threonine, arginine and tryptophan. Using protein ingredients in your carp baits can very much determine if fish actually eat your bait or not!

Both carp and humans have become physically adapted to get the most energy efficiently from our foods which are available to us. This can be exploited by actually using carp senses normally naturally used to detect food substances, in order to induce fish to feed on our baits. Apart from proteins and amino acids there are thousands of other substances to induce feeding behaviour from carp of various levels of intensity or activity, so you will never be short of an idea to make your baits unique to keep ahead!

The fuss made about protein carp baits is fair because exploiting dietary essential, particularly highly stimulatory ones such as amino acids is very significant for good results. But just because amino acids are popularly exploited by using protein ingredients does not mean you have to use protein ingredients at all in our baits, and there are very many other angles and approaches to take which are very economical indeed and even wheat, rice or corn flour based baits made with some know-how work a treat! All you need to do is manipulate and exploit any of a range of attractor and stimulator substances, many of which you can add by way of proprietary liquid dips and soaks etc.

But protein based baits are not strictly necessary to get bites of course and a multitude of baits including those based on carbohydrates like wheat flour or corn flour will still catch very well indeed providing they are altered to keep them in effect new and different to previous baits. Many of the most economical bait recipes based on carbohydrate ingredients have consistently caught big fish for decades despite arguments raging over quality food versus crap baits and other theories. If you keep changing your attractors even just by using alternative proprietary flavor dips you can always keep ahead of your fish on any particular fishery; just remember to exploit what stimulates fish naturally and avoid over-dosing with solvent based flavours unless you are fishing single bait style.

Often artificially stocked fisheries contain fish which now treat anglers baits as natural food and these fish literally live on them as opposed to just natural food which may or may not be readily available. Homemade baits will catch on the easiest overstocked or richest or under-stocked waters; what do think the early bait pioneers used? Why keep buying readymade bait for 10 pounds when you can produce your own unique baits for a fraction of the cost and very little time or effort when I've found over the last 30 years that you can catch against any readymade bait using homemade baits no matter what they are based on!

You might wish to use things like bird foods which can be used both as binders and cheap but nutritional ingredients and just add eggs for example to help bind and can boost your bait protein and nutrition considerably despite carp digestion limiting effects in low temperatures especially. Bait making does not need to be rocket science and the simplest and cheapest of bait recipes catch big fish regularly for decades if fished well. Although carp love proteins for there amino acids particularly, stimulatory and attractive substances are so varied that you will never be short of a new effective homemade bait or alternative potent and unique readymade bait dip; all you need is quality know-how. . .

This fishing bait secrets ebooks author has many more fishing and bait edges; just one could impact very significantly on your catches!

By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait maker and proven big fish angler. His unique bait making and enhancing fishing secrets guides are catching big fish for readers in 45 countries so get yours NOW!


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