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Bass Fishing Bait


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There are many different type of bass fishing bait that are used in different conditions, depending on the depth of the water, the clarity of the water, whether the bottom is rocky or clear, if you will go through reeds and other water plants and how deep you want to lure and bait to go. This article will cover the most common bass fishing baits and lures.

Live bait is a very productive way to catch bass. The movement of the worm or fish attracts bass to the bait, and can land very big fish. It is very simple to use, however live baits has a short lifespan so often has to be replenished. It is important to make sure the bait is secured to hook well and still has room to catch a hold of the bass. Live bait is best used in clear water where the hook won't get attached to anything, and should not be used near the bottom of the lake. Live bait is most commonly used with bobbers.

Another type of bass fishing bait is topwater plugs. Topwater bait means that the bait is floating on the top of the water. This type of fishing is very exciting when you get a fish that is interested, because you can see the fish strike and know what size it is. Topwater bass fishing baits come in a large variety, so they can be used in many different situations.

Spoons are another common bass fishing bait. The weed-less type of spoon is great in heavy weed and grass. The flashing color and the jigging action attracts strikes. It is important to know the depth of the water when using spoons, because they sink and can often latch on to things at the bottom of the lake and can cause you to lose a lure.

Spinnerbait attract a lot of strikes and are great for trolling or covering large areas in a short period of time. Spinnerbait look like baitfish, which is one of a bass’ favorite foods.

Crankbait is a great bass fishing bait because they are easy to use and cast and come in many different varieties. They are great for fast fishing and when you want to cover a lot of water. Crankbait look like crawfish or baitfish, which bass love to eat.

There is no best bait for bass fishing, it all depends on the conditions of the lake you fish in. For the best results go with many type of baits and try out a couple until you find one that works well.

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