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Best Bass Fishing Lures

David Price

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Bass Fishing can be easy at times, but sometimes the conditions can be a bass fishing killer. The time of day also plays a big role in your attempts to catch that trophy Bass you been dreaming about. Bass can be lazy during the midday hours, but come early morning and evening, the Bass become very active strikers, and if you have the best bass fishing lures in your arsenal, you'll be ready to fill up your stringer.

In this article I will share the best lures that I rely on during my bass fishing trips. At the end of this article I will disclose my top and most proven bass fishing lures, that I've caught some trophy Bass with, and a few Pike too.

The lure type will depend on all the factors, such as the water depth, the clearness or muddiness of the water, and how much water obstruction there is, such as fallen trees, seaweed, and lily pads, the weather, and the time of day. All are major factors, but with each I have found certain lures to work well, no matter the distractions.

Cloudy, high muddy water, common after heavy rains, usually keep anglers away. The flood waters may flow hard, and the water looks like chocolate milk, but I find Bass fishing in these conditions can be extremely challenging, but rewarding if you have a feel for where to look for the bass.

The best spots to fish during these conditions are the spillovers and the flooded areas. , near trees and debris. Bass will sometimes scurry into these chasing the littler fish, who escape the fast flowing current. I have found that plastic worms are pretty much worthless in these conditions. Because the water is extremely murky you lure choice must have a shine to it, and it must make noise. Shinny silver or white medium spinner baits are a perfect choice for these conditions. They create a perfect sound, plus the shininess will be enough for the Bass to locate and strike.

Spinner baits work okay in clear water conditions and during daytime hours, lazy bass need something to get their attention and spinner baits work well.

In very weedy and debris filled water, during late morning to early evening, I find that a Plastic Weedless purple worm works best. This Weedless lure allows you to get into the thick of the weeds or pads, just enough to draw out those idle or nesting bass. These are good choices in the water is unsettled.

Don't forget a good ole worm and bobber, does a fantastic job during the daytime hours. . . . .

Now I stated earlier that I would disclose my most productive best bass fishing lure. The only thing about this lure is that there are only periods of the day that it works the best, plus the water must be calm.

My most Productive Bass Lure is: A Black ¾ oz. Jitterbug. . . .

This lure has caught me some monster bass in the state I live, which is Michigan. The Jitterbug works best just as the sun is rising and the sun is going down. I have latterly reached my limit many times in a matter of minutes, strolling near the shores edge, casting the jitterbug next to shore and reeling it in. The jitterbug does just that, it jitters across the surface of the water, making a popping sound, leaving a trail of bubbles behind. What I love about the Jitterbug is that it is a top water lure, and love watching the fish jump up out of the water as they take the bait.

A major downfall to the Jitterbug is that if the water is not calm, I tend to not have good results with it.

Bass Fishing and fishing in general is a love of David's. Fishing as been a hobby since childhood, and has caught some trophy size Bass and other type of fish, David always makes room for fishing time each and every week, no matter the busy schedule. David owns and can be found at


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