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Catfish and Carp Fishing Secrets of Outstandingly Productive Big Fish Baits!

Tim F. Richardson

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Particulate feeding: Many fish naturally filter feed. Carp are an excellent example that use this method and are even termed slow suction feeders, adjusting their gill rakers to most efficiently sieve the most abundant and nutritious natural food items like blood worms and water fleas etc. In the case of smaller hook baits and ground baits which consist of smaller items of ingredients such as crushed dried shrimps and fly larvae, small seeds and crushed nuts etc, fish can be easier to catch using these. The use of micro sized pellets or mixed sizes of pellets or crushed boilies mimic in many ways natural food carp feed on most efficiently for much of the time.

Bait alkalinity or acidity: A bait can be manipulated so that when mixed with water to form a solution the solution it creates is more acid or alkaline. There are very many questions regarding exactly how acidity of a flavor for instance genuinely impacts upon the fish receptor cells. This involves numerous forms of chemical and bioelectrical receptors, proteins and specialized channels and nerves connecting and leading to the brain. Flavors work; if they did not we would not be able to detect roast beef or Tutti Fruitti ice cream and feel hungry as biofeedback kick in, and fish in water are the same! Flavors have various levels of impacts and very few substances have no inherent flavor at all; even plastic and rubber baits contain substances that fish can detect down to 1 part in many millions if not over a billion. . .

Bait component reactivity: This might sound a bit complicated but it basically means that putting one ingredient or substance with another in your bait will lead to a reaction which will benefit your baits performance. Very well proven examples are enzymes used to break down protein ingredients in baits converting them to fish stimulating peptides and amino acids for instance, and various carbonate substances, some of which are used to create activity within the bait and even producing bubbles which disperse the baits attraction further quicker and more efficiently than a standard bait. This is a very interesting and stimulating subject and can be applied to both hook baits ground baits very powerfully!

Bait bioactivity: If you find out enough about bait ingredients in relation to fish themselves you will see that very many of the most successful ingredients affect the fish in potent ways that the fish cannot fail to notice in association with your bait. Many have potent antioxidant properties; in fact it gets to the stage where finding a very successful ingredient which does not have antioxidant properties is comparatively rare. From natural concentrated cranberry, blueberry and strawberry flavors for example, milk extracts, marine and vegetable oils, herbs like mint and spices like black pepper; the list goes on and on. . .

Bait nutritional biological availability versus flavor attractors: Many anglers see baits that work in terms of how much protein it contains or if it incorporates flavors to make it work. The funny thing is that when Richworth first introduced ready made frozen boilies to the carp fishing anglers, they used flavors such as Tutti Fruitti, Honey Yucatan, and Salmon Supreme. These labels became associated with the bait to the point that the main question was what flavor are you on.

In the case of Richworth at least, many of these flavors are very far from mere labels and do indeed have bioactive properties. However, flavors do not constitute nutritional significance in baits but the bulk ingredients certainly do! Suffice to say, you can eat something but it does not mean you can digest it and actually use it as food! Best nutritional bait design is about bait with as near 100 percent digestibility within the fish, basically to get the maximum impact upon fish internally for repeated successful consumption of bait which leads to higher chances of takes on such a bait.

Thermogenic ingredients and substances: You might have heard about these in regards to dieting or body-building. These are foods which require as much (if not more) energy to digest as the energy they actually provide as food. In effect these ingredients will affect the inner systems of the fish so that when it eats your bait it is stimulated into eating more and there are many ingredients which supplement this effect including taste enhancing feed stimulants and growth stimulants etc. This whole subject is very significant and exploiting it can lead to really great bait edges indeed in terms of ground baits and hook baits of many forms. Spices are a perfect example of very potent but very economical ingredients for homemade baits and ground baits etc.

Bait component olfactory potential impacts on fish and chemoreception: Having mentioned a bit about what baits do to effect fish to make them want to eat your bait or mouth it at least this might be of use. One of the greatest advantages you can have is to glean which substances naturally trigger fish feeding in your chosen fish and to find out exactly how to use them in a bait. If you can team this up with other senses stimulation such as sound, sight or leverage of subtle fish electrical detection and orientation in water you will be far better equipped to exploit and even repeatedly create many more intensive feeding situations than other anglers!

Fish feeding triggers compared to fish attractors: This is linked to the above regarding exploiting fish olfaction and chemoreception, it is the use of fish feeding trigger which have very much more likelihood of stimulating true fish feeding than artificial attractors like many flavors for instance.

Essential nutritional bait ingredient tastes and smells versus artificial flavor tastes and smells: There is no reason why you need to use flavors in some situations, especially if you know a bit more about the inherent flavors produced by you bait ingredients and additives themselves. You might be surprised to find that many of the chemicals producing a characteristic odor in water in bread or milk for example, can also be found in many artificial flavors. . .

Stimulation of all interrelated fish senses to leverage maximum response to bait: This is about looking at all the senses a fish has and incorporating the means to exploit them together in your bait and rig. It makes logical sense that one great way to induce the most takes for an average skilled angler is to exploit the natural senses of the fish sought. All the senses are naturally used together and the stimuli is processed in the brain to make instinctive and learned decisions to consume your bait or flee from it! This is just a sample of how you can obtain more control over your baits performance and your resulting fish catching success, and although some areas appear complex it is easy for anyone to use these things with just a little more know-how!

This fishing bait secrets ebooks author has many more fishing and bait edges; just one could impact very significantly on your catches!

By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait maker and proven big fish angler. His unique bait making and enhancing fishing secrets guides are catching big fish for readers in 45 countries so get yours NOW!


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