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Making Homemade Carp Fishing Baits!

Tim F. Richardson

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Use a new bait and often a big fish will grace your net because it had little reason to fear your new offering. A great part of the success of fishing baits is their ability to overcome fish fears and induce fish to at the very least to sample your bait -and in doing so get hooked. But how do you keep ahead consistently? Here's a few ideas:

Many anglers get confused about bait because they assume it's all about how a bait might smell or taste, and even refer to their bait in terms of a flavour such as strawberry or some other familiar label for the smell we perceive as humans. It is pretty difficult to find any bait ingredient with such low levels of smell and taste that carp cannot detect them and even inert plastics or rubber fake corn or pellet baits contain significant substances contributing to their effect.

Even if a bait is formed with smells and taste factors in the levels of just 1 part per billion some might well be detected by carp. But they will certainly notice something in their environment which has virtually no stimulatory signals as this is not exactly a common occurrence in their natural environment and might make such a bait stand out precisely due to this. Despite all that is known about bait flavours it is noticeable that carp readily eat washed-out and leached baits and this is where the stimulatory components inherent in the ingredients used in a bait really play significant parts.

For instance, all you need to do is see the inherent flavour profile of casein, whey powder, or soya flour to know that these alone will attract carp attention. On more heavily fishing-pressured big carp waters, fishing a single fresh bait over a bed of baits already immersed and leached out after 12 or 24 hours or more in the water is a well proven tactic. Here we are talking more about the impact of true fish feeding stimulators as opposed to simple attractors which may grab the fish's attention by their high concentration in the water such as the impact of highly soluble solvent based flavours.

Fish feeding behaviours stretch far beyond just the act of consuming bait and going in reverse from there cover all kinds of related actions fish might do in advance of even mouthing a bait including stationary or mobile filter feeding and gulping on the scent trails in the water column issuing from baits.

Many of cheaper solvent based flavours have an instant impact on fish sensory receptors contributing to the success of fishing highly flavoured single bait methods etc. But the impact of substances inducing true feeding behaviour is often very markedly different. Sometimes instant or highly flavoured readymade baits might produce snatches or fast grabs or tentative lip pressing of baits a bit like tasting vinegar or citrus skin for the first time in effect for us humans.

But baits packed with true feeding triggers can induce frenzied and extremely competitive feeding behaviours indeed. Many proprietary bait ingredients, additives, oils, flavours and so on are based on the attraction or palatability side of things because if the combined taste and smell of bait is acceptable then chances are improved that it will be swallowed and not just mouthed. This obviously increases chances of hooking fish. But other aspects of such ingredients include natural substance carp have evolved to associate with feeding and indicate presence or approximation of their essential natural food items. If you look at the nutritional analysis of algae, (spirulina for example) or water fleas, or shrimps or mussels you will begin to see nutritional components which are essential to carp including amino acids, oils, vitamins, minerals, salts and so on. These are nutritional items fish need and eat daily just to survive. For example, minerals are involved in about 95 percent of essential biochemical body processes to some degree and human or fish life without nitrogen and amino acids in the diet would not occur. If your fish are deficient in such essentials chances are they will eat your bait if it contains them due to instinctive needs and associating with your bait among other things. (However many nutritionally designed baits may first need a short period of free bait introduction for best effect. )

The nutritional aspect of bait is very certainly well proven and the links between fish essential nutrition and what they eat in their environment is totally interrelated. Even blood has the same salinity as sea water and this is a tiny indication of just how linked to our environments fish and animals and humans are. When you fish are head-butting the bottom of you swim after every bait has been eaten, you can be sure they like it, and this is often the difference between the impact of a true fish feeding trigger and a simple attractor!

Some flavours have no actual feeding stimulatory effect on carp and it is obvious there is far more going on than just the smell and taste commonly associated with fishing baits; bioactivity and physiological, even psychological functions and impacts can all be present among others.

In the competitive world of big carp angling it is often the exact format and introduction details of your bait that catches the fish before any rig considerations and it is not correct to state any bait will catch any fish. Luckily we can exploit fish food detection systems and manipulate habitual fish feeding and movement behaviours. We can positively condition our target fish into regularly consuming our unique homemade baits or crafty specially adapted readymade baits, making our fish far more easily hooked than on all those already hammered popular readymade baits. . . .

This fishing bait secrets ebooks author has many more fishing and bait edges; just one could impact very significantly on your catches!

By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait maker and proven big fish angler. His unique bait making and enhancing fishing secrets guides are catching big fish for readers in 45 countries so get yours NOW!


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Unusual Carp Fishing Baits and Tactics For Big Fish!
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