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Trout Magnet - A Great Lure Or a Fad


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Recently some trout fisherman have been raving about the trout magnet and how it catches more trout than anything they have ever used. Quite a claim. So what is the trout magent, and does it live up to it's recent reputation. Well, the trout magnet is a pretty simple looking lure.

It is basically a segmented plastic grub body on a small jig head. I've heard some fisherman talk about how they dance the trout magnet and fish just can't get enough- it is magic they claim. The majority of seasoned anglers I've talked to say it will catch fish, but it's not really anything truly innovative that a fish hasn't seen before.

Perhaps it's popularity has to do with the fact that the jig and body come together, making the process of selecting a bait that much easier.

At any rate, I personally wouldn't go out of my way to find this lure, as a basic micro power grub, in my experience, has much better action. If you wanted to use a grub style lure like this you can always buy some power maggots and put them on your own jig heads. If we are to believe that the scents Berkley comes up with really attract fish, than a power grub/maggot, would be a wiser choice. Grubs and maggots like these always work very well in choppy water(in current, and the bottom of a waterfall, etc) because the fish has less time to inspect the bait and is more likely to make a quick attack. Fishing plastics that have no twisting tail in still water proves to be very unproductive the vast majority of the time-the trout simply has too much time to react to an imitation.

That being said, small plastic grubs and maggots can, and do, fool some pretty big fish from time to time, so don't leave them out of your vest, pockets, or backpack when you visit your favorite trout den. Check out some high quality, affordable trout plastics


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