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Is Night Fishing Really Better And Can The Evening Secret Help?


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No, fish generally are not active during the brightest part of the day or when the sun is at its peak. Fish tend to shy away from the light. But if you think about it, this makes sense since the water is darker the deeper you go and that is where the fish actually live.

Therefore, when thinking of the best time of day, you need to avoid high noon, and early afternoon is not the best time either as the light is still bright and the top of the water will be warmer than deep beneath. Early evening and night time are two of the best times to go fishing.

Early morning is great as well, but nighttime is when the fish are most active. Night Fishing also provides the bigger fish as this is the time when they feed the most. Using Evening Secret will help lure these big boys to you. The bigger fish have a tendency to feed in the more shallow areas at nighttime and this allows you more maneuverability.

Maybe the biggest reason for great night fishing is that fish learn as we do, and the daytime is when most fishermen are active, so day light means a nasty hook, and they can see better during the day. Fishing at night means the bait can be bigger, which may prove to be valuable to some who enjoy larger baits, and those who have a hard time with the smaller variety.

Using larger bait gives the fish a better chance to see the bait and using the Evening Secret increases your chances at success. Of course, fishing at night is more peaceful than during the day since fewer boats will be on the water, fewer kids playing around, and it is definitely cooler.

This opens up what you can and want to wear while fishing. You do not have to worry about staying cool or the sun beating down on you. Also, using the Evening Secret, which was designed for night fishing success, means that when you bring home your big catch, only you and your friends know what you did.

Talk about having a great fishing story - catching a nice 20 pound Bass and only you know how you did it.

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