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Koi Pond Supplies – The Keys To A Functional Koi Pond


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One of the keys to both a functional and beautiful koi pond is the proper use of koi pond supplies. These are the equipment that you need to keep your koi pond – which gives you the relaxation and escape from the outside world - working as smoothly as possible, and keeping your pond at its optimal working condition is essential for maintaining the delicate balance on which your koi’s lives greatly depend.

Dirt particles and substances from daily operations of the pond can accumulate at the bottom of your pond. This accumulation might hinder proper drainage and in turn promote bacterial growth that will harm your koi fish. This is where proper koi pond supplies come into play. Regular maintenance and the water filters that come with your koi pond supplies can rid your pond of these dirt particles, leaving clean, healthy water that will greatly decrease your koi’s chances of catching diseases and that your koi will thank you for!

Other pond enhancements like waterfalls, fountains and pond plants are actually more than just pond decorations. What most people don’t know is that these ‘enhancements’ are essential for the overall health of your pond – and therefore, for your koi’s health.

The flowing water from the falls and fountains regulate the oxygen level in your pond and prevent water stagnation that would put the lives of your koi fish in anger. As well, the flowing water helps facilitate proper gas exchange from the water and powers the filtering system.

Pond plants also provide additional oxygen for your fish. Pond overgrowth, however, should not be allowed as it would crowd the whole pond and encourage algal and bacterial growth.

Necessary Koi Pond Supplies

Nevertheless, depending on these pond enhancements alone is not advisable. It is your responsibility to do regular cleaning that would eliminate foreign objects in your pond. Below are some of the necessary koi pond supplies that help maintain the biological balance in your artificial pond.

Water pumps – These equipment work hand-in-hand with the water filters. They enhance the water circulation in your pond so that the water will be filtered properly.

De-chlorinator – This is a chemical additive that removes harmful substances such as unwanted chemicals (chlorine or chloramine) in the water. Chlorine can have the same effect on your fish as it has on micro-organisms. This chemical additive actually reduces chlorine to chloride, which is less harmful to your koi fish.

Water testing Kit – These are essential for checking the pH level and nitrate levels of the water in your pond. The normal pH level of the water in the pond should be ranging from 7.0 to 9.0. Abrupt changes in these levels signal that there are unwanted and harmful substances in your water.

Pond Skimmer – Koi pond supplies such as these would really come in handy when your pond is located under the shade of the tree. Dried leaves can be a nuisance to get off the water. These falling leaves may accumulate and cover the whole surface of the pond. The pond skimmer acts as a pre-filter that removes larger materials such as fallen leaves and twigs.

Those are just some of the numerous koi pond supplies that would help you clean up your pond. The biological balance and overall functionality of the equipment installed in your pond are vital for the survival of your much beloved koi fish.

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