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How to Build a Koi Pond Pond Designs


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If you're researching information on how to build a koi pond, remember the most important rule - pre-plan. Building a koi pond is not for the faint of heart. Lots of people leave it to the landscaping professionals. Letting the professionals do it can cost a small fortune though and won't give you the satisfaction that you get when doing it yourself. Also, lots of landscaping companies have experience in designing regular water ponds. Koi ponds are different with distinct requirements. So, if you choose to let a landscaping company do it, make sure they have experience designing koi ponds. And if you choose to do it yourself, make sure you have done your research!

If you'll look at koi ponds, you'll see that none are exactly alike, nor built with the same techniques. Each koi pond has its own set of variables; depending on size and location available, the budget, and the time. The skill and experience of the builder (maybe you!) is also important.

View other people's ponds first. Talk to other koi enthusiasts. And, decide your budget. Decide the most you will spend, and plan for lower than that. It always ends up costing more than you initially thought! Make your pond the biggest and deepest you possibly can. The biggest regret most koi hobbyists have was not making their first koi pond bigger & deeper. Koi can grow to approx. 3 ft. and they like company. Besides, once you have a few, you usually want more! Overcrowding the pond can harm the water quality and put stress on your koi, which in turn damages their health. So, plan your pond to be the biggest & deepest you possibly can.

If possible, it's nice to have the pond next to your house. That way you can visit and monitor it often and can even view it from inside the house on rainy days. Do not build it close to a tree, where the debris (leaves, etc. ) can fall into the pond, unless you love cleaning ponds! Koi ponds should not be under direct sunlight either.

Before you start building, decide if you want a formal pond (if you have formal planters, a pool, etc. ) or if a natural setting blends in better with your existing surroundings. You might want to use a garden hose and lay it out to your desired shape. Leave it there for a few days. Look at the sun & shade patterns. You might want to reevaluate!

Ideally the pond should be six feet deep. If this is not possible, then it should be at least 3’ deep. Koi like swimming in deep water. Also, if the pond is not shallow enough, your koi will be easy prey for raccoons and heron.

Your pond can be any shape of your liking or that your space allows. Just make sure that there is water movement everywhere. Moving water provides oxygen, and also because where there is dead water, there is debris. I know that rocks are nice for aesthetic appeal, but please don't put sharp rocks next to the pond, where your fish can injure themselves. If you do, you will soon realize lacerations on your koi. Remember, you are building the pond for your koi!

Once your pond is completed, you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

Sara G. likes to write about her interests. Koi fish are one of the loves of her life! Her Squidoo lens offers lots of must-have koi facts ! Finally, build the koi pond of your dreams! Benefit from other people's research and time!


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How to Build a Koi Pond Koi Health
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