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The Best Pond Fountain Pump For My Garden


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Pond fountains are a beautiful addition to almost every garden. However, choosing the right pump for your fountain may not be as easy as you think it would be. Before you choose a pump, here are some factors to think about.

Factors to Consider

Make sure to shop around before buying a pump for your outdoor pond. You will find a variety of pumps on the market today and you will run into many sales people who don't know actually know absolutely nothing about the pumps so look at all of your options carefully before making a choice.

Otherwise eventually you will end up repeating the entire process very soon.

When making your decision, think about the following factors:

  • Is a water pump necessary? - Even if you are only going to have a pond with no fountain element, you do need a water pump if you will be keeping living fish, such as koi, in the water.
  • Is the water pump safe for outdoor use? - Not all water pumps are meant to be used outdoors. You will find some dealers passing off sump pumps or indoor pumps as ideal for your pond. While there are several problems with this tactic, the biggest is that indoor pumps are not safe to use outdoors. At the end of the article, you will find a list of characteristics that set outdoor pumps apart.
  • How much water will be pumped? - Knowing the volume of water is important because some pumps are not made to handle a large volume of water. Look at the specifications on the package or do some online research to make sure the pump you choose can meet your needs.
  • How much electricity is required? - Unless you want an enormous surge in your electric bill, you should choose a pump that is energy efficient. Remember that the pump needs to be plugged in and running at all times so that can put a strain on your usage.
  • Does the pump come with a guarantee? - Most water pumps sold today do come with at least a one year guarantee. However, you really don't want to settle for just one year of protection. Look for pumps that stand behind their products for at least two to three years. These are the pumps most likely to last.

Remember to choose a water pump designed to be used outdoors. Here is what to look for:

  • Longer cords - Outdoor units come with 30 feet or longer of cord because they have to stretch further to reach a plug. Indoor units have much shorter cords.
  • Three Prong Plus - Most outdoor products use three-prong plugs instead of the two-prong plugs found with most indoor electronics.
  • Size - Outdoor pumps are typically larger because they are designed to handle more water volume.
  • Check the box - If you're in doubt, check the box. If it doesn't say "Safe for Outdoor Use" then choose a different product.

Using the information will help you to purchase the best water pump for your needs.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For information on pond pumps, he recommends Seapets, one of the UK's leading suppliers of pond fountain pumps .


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