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White Koi: White Koi and Other Koi Classifications That Will Leave You Breathless

 Trevor Zacek (November 08, 2011)  What’s the story behind the white koi and the other koi color combinations? When koi breeding practices were started by the Japanese, the carp mutations only came in one or two colors. As koi fish breeding gained more reputation throughout Japan, selective breeding trends and practices also evolved. The significant increase in the number of breeders and koi hobbyists gave way to .. (Fish Ponds)

Koi Pond Supplies – The Keys To A Functional Koi Pond

 Trevor Zacek (November 05, 2011)  One of the keys to both a functional and beautiful koi pond is the proper use of koi pond supplies. These are the equipment that you need to keep your koi pond – which gives you the relaxation and escape from the outside world - working as smoothly as possible, and keeping your pond at its optimal working condition is essential for maintaining the delicate balance on which your .. (Fish Ponds)

What's the Big Deal With Pond Building?

 Darrell Rhoades (September 20, 2008)  Why pond building has become popular over the years. What attracts us to water? The different tools and equipment used for pond building. What are we humans mostly made up of? Yes water, when we go on vacation, whether it is camping, sight seeing, or just heading to the beach. There is water involved. Camp grounds have swimming pools, sight seeing could have streams and rivers, but the . (Fish Ponds)

Algea in Ponds A Problem You Can Prevent

 William Berg (July 21, 2008)  Algae growth is perfectly normal in ponds and a suitable amount of algae will even be beneficial for a lot of the creatures that inhabits your pond. Algae can for instance provide animals and offspring with hiding spots, algae can be devoured as food, and algae can help you keep the levels of organic waste down. There are however situations where the algae growth gets out of hand and .. (Fish Ponds)

What Plants Should I Use in My Garden Pond?

 Derek Rogers (July 18, 2008)  Garden pond plants breathe in oxygen during the night and carbon dioxide in the day; this makes them eco-friendly. They keep your pond water clear by absorbing the nitrates in the water hence preventing it from turning green. Your tastes and preferences will determine the kind of pond plant you use in your garden. Some examples include: Water Violet Water Crow Foot You may also .. (Fish Ponds)

Ponds, Like People, Need Oxygen to Survive

 Casey Coke (July 16, 2008)  Dissolved oxygen (DO) is the most important parameter to monitor in a pond or lake. Basically it is the amount of oxygen available in the pond water. A good rule of thumb for determining if your pond has enough DO is to measure it in ppm (parts per million). A DO level of 4 ppm to 5 ppm is typically the bottom thresh hold for most ponds. There are numerous issues associated with low .. (Fish Ponds)

Koi Fish Ponds

 Nigel C Paquin (July 15, 2008)  Some great tips on how to keep a koi fish pond. Generally koi garden ponds usually contain a Japanese koi, which means that you must be of course enthusiastic to produce the ideal settings for these tiny creatures and that would naturally lead you to building a koi pond that will provide the koi fish with the best living conditions. Koi garden ponds are found in many yards though .. (Fish Ponds)

The Father's Day Fishing Disaster - Or Was It?

 Kimberly Cierech (July 14, 2008)  The Father's Day memory that will forever stay in my heart was in 1967. The Rod & Gun Club that my father belonged to was holding a fishing contest for their member's children. This was not only a Rod & Gun Club, but also a State Game and Fish Hatchery. The pond where the fishing contest was to be held, was filled to it's brim with brown and rainbow trout. I was the tomboy of .. (Fish Ponds)

How to Build a Koi Pond Pond Designs

 Sarah Gold (July 08, 2008)  If you're researching information on how to build a koi pond, remember the most important rule - pre-plan. Building a koi pond is not for the faint of heart. Lots of people leave it to the landscaping professionals. Letting the professionals do it can cost a small fortune though and won't give you the satisfaction that you get when doing it yourself. Also, lots of landscaping companies .. (Fish Ponds)

Maintaining Oxygen Levels in Your Pond

 Tim Sousa (July 01, 2008)  The most frequent cause of death in pond fish are extreme environmental stressors such as the lack of oxygen. Blooming algae is the concern for the two of the major factors that contribute to oxygen loss in fish ponds. While algae makes oxygen during the daylight hours, plants take that oxygen back out of the water during the night. The death of pond fish can be brought about when the .. (Fish Ponds)

Great Reasons Why You Should Have a Garden Pond

 Harwood E Woodpecker (July 01, 2008)  Having a pond in your back garden can make a real difference to the overall look of the garden. Depending on the shape of your garden having a pond can break up all of the clean crisp lines that are so common place in garden design and help to give it a much more natural and lived in look. Ponds really can create quite focal point within the garden so it is not only important to ensure .. (Fish Ponds)

Preparing Your Backyard Pond For Storms

 Tim Sousa (June 20, 2008)  With summer comes thunderstorms, and in certain parts of the country, hurricanes and tropical storms. You certainly need to have your home prepared for these storms, but you should also prepare your backyard pond for storms. A properly prepared pond may suffer some damage, but the damage will be minimal. There are two things that will damage a pond in a storm. Runoff and flooding from .. (Fish Ponds)

The Best Pond Fountain Pump For My Garden

 Derek Rogers (June 09, 2008)  Pond fountains are a beautiful addition to almost every garden. However, choosing the right pump for your fountain may not be as easy as you think it would be. Before you choose a pump, here are some factors to think about. Factors to Consider Make sure to shop around before buying a pump for your outdoor pond. You will find a variety of pumps on the market today and you will run into .. (Fish Ponds)

7 Things To Avoid When Building A Pond, NO-NO's From A Tampa Bay Store

 Faith Ruiz (April 10, 2008)  1. Starting Off Blind! Building a pond can be a great learning experience and a lot of fun. However, do not start constructing one until you have fully researched the steps and constructing advice form other, experienced professionals. There are easy to comprehend books and videos that can help you create your very own beautiful water garden! 2. Under sizing a Pond! Did you know that .. (Fish Ponds)

Fantastic Fish Ponds For Fish Pond Fanatics

 Sean Stanberry (April 07, 2008)  Winter fever has been running full tilt. Your ideas and creative side of your brain are building. Time to jump out into the back yard and start that first spring project. Time to start building that dazzling fish pond that you have always dreamed about. Grab the shovel and step outside to good old fashioned hard work. Might want to grab a book or two read like Fantastic Fish Ponds or .. (Fish Ponds)

How Do I Prepare My Pond For Spring Time?

 Derek Rogers (April 04, 2008)  As spring time approaches, there are a few things that you can do to prepare your pond for this amazing time. Remember that spring is the best time to perform pond maintenance and prepare for a fruitful summer for your fish, plants, and yourself. First of all, in order to avoid disturbing the life that is already in your pond, try to do your spring chores before the water gets warmer .. (Fish Ponds)

Ponds - Emotional Benefits

 Kristy Snow (March 24, 2008)  Ponds and Fountains When my business coach called me and told me I had to install a pond, I thought the idea was crazy. “I don't have time for a pond" I told him. Our company even made ponds, but I was so busy it didn't seem worth it. My business coach said I needed the experience and told me to get a pond or a new coach. I Got a Pond Whenever I do something, I like to do it .. (Fish Ponds)

Pond Purchasing From the Ground Up

 Shawn Mcculloch (March 03, 2008)  Having decided what kind of pond best fits your needs and lifestyle, it is now time to start looking around to buy a pond. You could make a list off all the places in town that sell ponds. This presents a couple of problems, however. If you live in a small area, there may not be any place within a reasonable distance that has pond supplies. If there is a place, you will have to consider . (Fish Ponds)

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