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ADVANCED SURFING: Tube, Barrel, 360


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I’ve covered so many surfing tricks already but I won’t stop until I give you the remaining three, not to mention among the best of the lessons included in this batch. Doing these could make your surfing experience even more intense and competitive in nature. While they could all be a little tricky at first, it is very rewarding by the time that you get to execute them without flaws. I’m sure you’ve seen this moves in your most favorite surfing venues and media but you just don’t know the name, much more how to do it. So read on and add the tube, barrel and 360 in your killer moves that will endear you more to your audience and your surfing buddies.

Let me begin with the tube, a move, you can imagine, that is likened to maintaining perfect position while inside a tunnel, only that it is made of two waves reaching each other’s end. Here, while speed is necessity, you also need much self control. You’ll have to carry your body very lightly up to the end of the tube. How do you do that? First you have to stand in your board while entering the tube. If you have to arch yourself much lower for it not to break do so. Next, paddle your way out making sure that you don’t nosedive or lean backwards because that will also hinder your smooth slide. To maintain balance, stick out either or both of your arms but you should also be extra careful so as not to pierce the wave tube that you are in. Ride away clean when nearing the exit.

Next for this advanced surfing lesson is the barrel. If you’re with the gang I’m sure the first thing that comes in your mind is a barrel of beer or anything alcoholic and sparkly. But no, I am referring to a surfing routine, something that will make you high even without alcohol in your system. Barrel is not your ordinary move in surfing. Here, you will have to come in a circle of delicate waves that has formed themselves into a structure that you could travel along inside with your surfboard of course. But while that all sounds easy, you have to think that you will only be able to get through that waves without facing a fiasco is for you to be precise and really cautious with all your moves, from the beginning to end. Balance is also very important for this.

Finally we have the 360. It’s not actually much of a trick but a form of maneuver that any surfer has to master. This maneuver can be used to initiate another move, to do a significant bottom turn or even to change directions when needed. What is important for this move is presence of mind and alert response from the body. While in a promising wave, make a spin that will launch you up in the air for a complete maneuver but make sure that your landing is well anticipated.

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