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Why Are So Many Drawn to the Dance of Ballet?


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Who can resist the dance? The graceful beauty of dancers around the world continues to move into the hearts and minds of children everywhere. From the poorest homes to the richest estates, children are drawn to ballet dancers and their fairy tale costumes like nothing else. From the time they can walk, many children find themselves doing whatever they can to convince their parents to let them attend a local ballet class.

Although it emerged centuries ago as a dance interpretation of fencing it has become much more refined through the years. The techniques developed and used in ballets now have a strong influence on many areas of modern dance, including ballroom dancing and even new interpretations, such as hip hop ballet. Popular T. V. shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance" are consistently filled with contestants who have or are still attending ballet school. Some even go on to teach dancing styles of their own.

In fact, with so many options available to the aspiring dancer, it isn't very surprising that dancing seems to attract people from so many different walks of life. For some, this is not only an obvious extension of personal expression, but a way to a much better life.

Is it any wonder why little girls (and boys) find themselves drawn to the beauty of dance in a world that sometimes seems so drab and harsh in comparison? Give a child a pair of ballet shoes and access to some basic classes and they are on the way to their own private dream come true, regardless of whether they become famous, world renowned dancers or not.

Ballet started as the dance interpretation of fencing and over the centuries morphed into what it is today. As techniques became more and more refined, its influence on other areas of dance increased. Today, you can see how classical ballet has affected styles of ballroom dancing and the newer hip hop ballet.

No matter what the style of dance though, the ability to draw people in is universal. The popularity of ballet school and shows like “So You Think You Can Dance" prove just how attractive dance can be. In fact, it is the chance to become successful, for just about anyone with talent and a whole lot of drive, and break into the world of dance that makes it such an attractive opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Reasons for being drawn into the dance can vary as widely as the opportunities that are available. This activity is one of the few things available to just about anyone. If your child is hitting you up for such classes, then start out small.

Take them to the local theater and let them see a show. Get them into some basic classes and let them see what it is all about. After all, you may find you have the next Evelyn Cisneros or Mikhail Baryshnikov living right in your own home.

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