Cycling in a triathlon? You need the right gear!


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Cycling Success depends on finding the right bicycle for you

Depending on the type of Triathlon you’re interested in competing in, the amount of time spent on your bike will differ. You’ll end up cycling anywhere from 12.4 miles on up to 112 miles in the Ultra.

You can end up spending a lot of money on your specialized bike clothes and accessories. But before you spend any money on your jersey or sunglasses, consider the two pieces that you must have: the helmet and the bike. And of those two, finding the right bike for you is paramount.

Luckily, you have a lot of bikes to choose from

Experts recommend that you either get a bike that is made just for triathlons, a time-trail bike or a road bike. The bike made just for triathlons differs from the other two in that the seat post moves the rider up into a running position and both wheels are smaller, requiring less energy to cycle.

To a new triathlete, a touring or mountain bike might not seem that different than one of the bikes listed above.

It’s important, however, to set aside enough of your budget to get a specialized bike when you compete in triathlons.

A Triathlon Guide for triathlete enthusiasts.

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