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Top 4 Tips - Ensure Your Schwinn Bike Fits You


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Tip #1 - Get the Right Frame - First of all, it is important that you get the right frame for your body when you are choosing the right fit for a Schwinn cruiser bicycle. If you get the wrong frame size in the beginning, you won't be able to adjust the handlebars and seat to fit you the way you should. When you stand up with your feet on the ground, there should be a couple inches between the top tube of your bike and the crotch area, this is important and failure to follow this guideline could lead to injury.

Tip #2 - Find the Right Angle and Height of the Seat - The next thing you need to do to make sure that you Schwinn bike fits you is to make sure that you find the right angle and height for the seat of the bike. You'll want to avoid hurting your knees, which can occur if the seat is too low or too high as well. If you need help raising or lowering the seat, read the Schwinn owners manual for help. Of course the angle of the seat is important too, and while it may feel better to have the seat tilted down, this can lead to a lot of stress on your neck, fingers, arms, and wrists. The seat should be level or tilted a couple notches up; however, if it feels uncomfortable, then you may have the seat up too high.

Tip #3 - Consider the Style of the Handlebars - You'll find that handlebar style is important as well. You'll find that the Schwinn cruiser bicycle and Schwinn mountain bikes have special style handlebars that will allow you to sit up while you are holding onto the bars. However, regular 10-speed bikes may have you hunching over. If you have the old handlebars from a Schwinn antique that are uncomfortable, you may want to consider going with a different style.

Tip #4 - Get the Handlebar Height Right - The height of your handlebars is also very important when you are trying to get the right fit for your bike. You should adjust them to be just as high as your seat or even higher so that you don't have to hung over to hold on to the handlebars. Usually just loosening that top screw will allow you to raise or lower the handlebars, but if you need more help, the Schwinn manual should provide you with easy instructions for adjusting the handlebars.

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