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Tandem Bicycles Bicycles Meant For Two


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In this racy world with fast cars and fast bikes we have all but forgotten about traditional bicycles. Bicycles are an inexpensive and non-polluting mode of transportation. Riding a bicycle is an excellent way to burn those calories and take a breath of fresh air.

A Tandem bicycle is one that is built for two or more people. They were invented in the late 1800's and were created by welding two bicycles together. They are built more solidly in order to take the weight of more than one person. These bicycles are similar to traditional bicycles. The only difference is that they have more than one seat and pedals.

Since two or more riders are required to ride a tandem bicycle, this could prove to be quite challenging if the riders are of different heights and weights. They will each have to match the other's pace in order to synchronise their movements and get a degree of uniformity. Perhaps, this challenge is what attracts cyclists to tandem bicycles.

Tandem bicycles give you an opportunity to share an activity with your family, friends and loved ones. It also allows handicapped people to experience the joy of riding a bicycle. Parents can share an exhilarating ride with their children. Some tandem bicycles are customised to accommodate even ten people.

The front rider is often called the “pilot" or the “captain" and the rear rider is referred to as the “navigator" or the “stoker". The captain should have good skills and judgement. He is responsible for controlling the bike and for balancing, steering, stopping and braking. The stoker on the other hand should not attempt to steer the bike. He has to make sure that he does not shift his weight or try to do anything that disrupts the equilibrium of the bike.

You can purchase a tandem bicycle for anything between 500 dollars to 12,000 dollars depending upon the type you intend to buy. There are different types of tandem bicycles available today. There is one known as a tricycle which has three wheels and is meant for a pair of riders. A recumbent tandem has its seats positioned to allow riders to sit in a reclining position in contrast to an upright position.

In this day and age, where technology is moving at a faster pace than ever, riding a tandem bicycle may prove to be an enjoyable way to exercise and share an activity with family and friends.

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