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Legal Steroids for Sale Would Make Sports Safer, Level the Playing Field


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If I were to ask you what makes the use of steroids so dangerous in professional sports, I’m confident that your response would be that steroids can cause heart damage and other serious health issues. The thing is, while technically correct, that answer overlooks the bigger issues. Legal steroids would not pose the same risks and if players could buy legal steroids and used them under a doctor’s supervision, the argument pretty much goes away. It’s like saying that cars are deadly.

Sure they are, but when people are only allowed to drive them with a license, new vehicles are tested before being released and they’re properly maintained, then cars become acceptably safe. I think this analogy holds true when it comes to steroids for sale. Under the black market, which is where far too many people are forced to look if they want to find steroids for sale, there are no controls over the supplier.

It could be anyone and they could operating from anywhere, including countries where US law and medical regulations don’t apply. There are no inspections of the supply -they could be selling you anything. And without a doctor overseeing the steroid use (our equivalent of maintenance), you risk taking the wrong dosage, using the products incorrectly or in a manner that causes physical harm. With controls in place, people would be able to buy legal steroids from trusted suppliers, knowing that the product is untainted and the dosage is correct. Everyone knows that professional sports are rife with steroid use, from cycling to football and everything in between, but if the leagues endorsed legal steroids instead of looking the other way, the situation would be much safer for athletes. Those in the amateur leagues or semipro are also using performance enhancing drugs in increasing numbers because being competitive is the only way to make it to the bigs.

If we could buy legal steroids instead of pretending the issue didn’t exist, it would greatly improve things at this level as well. In closing, I’d just like to say that I can’t wait for the day when I can say finding legal steroids for sale isn’t something worth writing about. Once we remove the obstacles (legal and in terms of sports regulations) so that anyone can openly buy legal steroids so long as they use them under medical supervision, competitive sports will once again be fair -not to mention safer.

About the Author: Rick Starr is a body builder and fierce competitor in a myriad of semipro sports leagues, including hockey, football and baseball. Early in his career, his doctor worked with him on helping build muscle mass, allowing him to buy legal steroids . Since then, he’s written several features on the dark side of competitive sports and what happens when athletes turn to black market sources for performance enhancing drugs.

Rick is among a growing number of athletes who feel that legal steroids should be allowed in sports at all levels, even the pro leagues.


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