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Natural Female Bodybuilding Advice


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I'm here to share with you my natural female bodybuilding advice. This sport is a very tough and intimidating to most people, especially women. If you take advantage of all that you can, you will do pretty good. It requires dedication and strong will power to succeed.

The first piece of advice I'll give you is the basic breakdown of food. You need to stop thinking of food as a delicious treat that is the highlight of your day. You'll get no where if you think of it that way. You need to think of food as the basic thing required for your survival. Food breaks down into the following components:

  • Protein: Required to build and maintain lean body mass such as vital organs and muscle tissue.
  • Carbohydrates: Required to fuel our body. It gives us the energy to do our activities.
  • Fat: Required to keep our bodies internal workings going fine. It regulates things such as hormones.

All three play a vital role, as you can see. You should be able to pick up on a few points. You don't need to be eating carbohydrates in the evening because you're going to bed, you're not running a marathon. Dietary fat is actually good for you, and this societal phenomenon about “low fat" is just detrimental to your health.

You also need to start eating smaller meals more often. This helps to keep your body getting a constant flow of nutrients over time. This is very important for putting on muscle because muscle repair happens continuously all day long, so getting a large serving all at once isn't ideal.

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Bodybuilding Female Tips
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