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Tips For Women And Bodybuilding


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I want to share some tips for those out there that dare to put together women and bodybuilding. I commend you on your desire to do this because most women don't have the backbone and confidence to deal with the stigma attached to this.

  • Intensity vs Time: I often hear people talking about what is more important in the gym, the intensity of your workout or the time of it? I'm going to give you the simple facts. Your time working out, lifting weights, shouldn't be long. Typically, you only have enough to give properly for 45 minutes. Anything past that and you're wasting your time. Intensity is far more important because this is much more stimulating to muscle than a length of time. Basically after that 45 minutes, your not helping yourself grow and if you continue on too long, you're counter acting against growth.

  • Protein: You need to up your protein. Most women don't eat enough protein, so I can be confident in saying that you need to eat more. IF you want to start putting muscle tissue, a good number to start with is 1.3g/lb. If you're 120lbs, that means you're going to eat 156g of protein a day. Obviously taking in these large chunks of protein a few times a day isn't smart. Muscle tissue repairs all day long, so you should be taking them all day long. Divide it up into 6 different meals, that gives you 26g of protein per meal.

  • Water: Most of your body is made up of water. The longer your body has the same old water, the more toxins and others that get into the water. You drink water, to replace this with fresh clean water, and allow the toxins to leave your body. Water also plays a huge role in digestion, especially with the amount of protein you're going to start to eat, it is very important.

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