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My Body Building Tips For Women


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I have some body building tips for women that should help you become a much better and efficient female bodybuilder. Women face a lot of disadvantages, but you can take advantage of all the opportunities you possess.

How long should my workout be?

I hear this a lot. I'm often surprised to see that people still debate this and often use misinformation. The length of your workout is limited. You basically only have enough nutrients and energy to go around for about 45 minutes. You can go past that point, but your efforts are less effective. There is a point though that you can go to far and it becomes detrimental to your progress.

I've found having shorter and more intense workouts have given me much better results in all areas from putting on muscle, to taking off fat.

How much protein should I be eating?

More. As a woman, you're probably not getting enough. You need to be getting anywhere from 1.1g/lb to 1.5g/lb. That means if you're 120lbs, you're getting 132g-180g of protein a day. You'll want to divide this up into smaller meals throughout the day, so that you only take in anywhere between 22-30g of protein in one sitting.

How important is water?

Water is very important. It makes up most of our body and plays vital roles in just about every function our body does. The main function, related to bodybuilding, is that toxins are dumped into your water in your body. You need to drink water, so you replace and this old toxin filled water leaves the body. It also plays a great role in helping to better and more efficiently digest food, especially that protein.

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Power Up Your Body With These Great Muscle Building Tips
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