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How To Be A Natural Female Bodybuilder


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I want to show you how to be a natural female bodybuilder. As hard as people make bodybuilding out to be, it is twice as hard for the females out there. That doesn't mean it is impossible, it just requires a lot of dedication on our part.

Bulking or Cutting

First off, I'll start out defining each. Bulking is the processes of putting on as much muscle as possible while minimizing your fat gains. Cutting is the process of removing as much fat as possible while minimizing your loss of muscle.

It is surprising how many people think they can accomplish both of these at the same time. It really isn't worth the effort because bulk and cutting act against each other. People that do them together have slow and poor results. They maybe happy with the results, but they're missing out on a much larger potential.

I recommend starting out doing a bulk because the added muscle will help you when you cut. More muscle means you're a much more efficient fat cutter.

Compound or Isolated Exercises

Compound exercises are the ones that use many different muscles to complete them. These exercises include deadlifts, squats, bent over rows, etc. Isolated exercises are the ones that use one muscle only. Typically these are the machine exercises that have very restricted movements.

The best ones to focus on are the compound ones. Compound exercises have been shown to stimulate more muscle growth than other types of exercises. Some of the most compound exercises like squats and deadlifts have been shown to increase testosterone production.

I'm not saying cut out all your isolated workouts, just do your compound ones and if you have time or energy left over you do your isolated ones.

This is my natural female bodybuilder information that should help you become much better at this sport.

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