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Adjusting to Living on a Houseboat

Victor Epand

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Living on a houseboat is not exactly a new or radical idea. People have been experiencing houseboat living for many decades, especially in European and Asian countries. It may be something many more people are thinking about these days, considering the cost of ocean front homes.

Today, modern boats come with many more conveniences than they did years ago, but don't expect that things will be as normal as they would be living in an apartment or a house. The larger the boat is the more likely it is that you will have most of the conveniences that you are accustomed to. Space is a major factor when it comes to living on a boat. While boats do have storage space, you will still have to downsize your possessions quite a bit to get things to neatly fit on the boat. Before bringing anything on to the boat make sure it will fit through the door. Then you have to make sure there is an actual space for it on the boat.

Some larger boats come with a full bathroom that includes a bathtub. If you have a smaller or an older boat, the only option you will probably have is a shower. If you live in a marina you can get hooked up to the power and water supply. However, the water pressure won't be the same as you would get on land. The water will most likely come through a garden hose to get to your boat. Also, at most marinas you will have access to cable television or Satellite television while you are docked.

You can expect the kitchens to have smaller ovens and stoves than a house, and not much kitchen storage for can goods and supplies. But with some planning and careful shopping you will be able to make it work. Most boats will have a refrigerator with a freezer and some may have a dishwasher. Expect theses appliances to be rather small. Also these days some larger boats may have a washer and dryer. If you are looking at a boat without a washer and dryer you will have to find an alternate way of doing your laundry if there is no laundromat nearby.

Deciding to live on a boat will require some adjustments to your lifestyle. But Many people, after living on a boat for a while, find that they really don't miss the extra conveniences they had on land as much as they thought they would.

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