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Inflatable Boats Their Owners Are Literally Laughing at Gas Prices!

Kevin D Browne

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Inflatable boats. Wow have these things come into their own.

Blame in all on $4/gallon for gas, but the reality is that the inflatable boating manufacturers have really been designing smarter and more gorgeous designs.

Couldn't have come at a better time.

Imagine being able to take a few of the kids out onto the lake or the bay and to go fishing without having to fear a quick hundred flying out of your wallet for gas.

Think how nice it would be to be able to own a great way to get across the lake to hit the restaurant and pull up in your quality hand crafted boat.

But throw out all of your pre-conceived notions of inflatable boats right here and now.

The newest inflatable boats just might boast air buffer separated air chambers for added safety, hand-sealed seams strengthened multi-layer specially bonded fabric for maximum strength and durability.

Hey, what happened to my dinghy?

Inflatable boats have become hip not just for their green nature but more importantly in the way their features have come to the forefront.

Some factories making inflatable boats now actually make these boats by hand. The best of the best of these manufacturers avoid any problems that may be inherent in mass made machine boats. taking the extra time to inflate each boat after it is made and insert the actual floor it is being shipped with.

Those manufacturers may even require the boat stay inflated at their factories long enough to determine that it is 100% ready for you. Each air valve, D Ring Seat Anchor, Plug Assembly and other attachment is tested for proper adhesion while it is inflated, as it would be used by the customer.

It would be very easy to look at the advancements in the inflatable boats industry and say that these new improvements were a direct result of the gas crisis.

That's simply not true.

The industry has been diligently making amazing advancements for years.

And some of the manufacturers in the inflatable boats business are simply out doing themselves!

Beautiful night. The sun is setting slower than ever.

Perfect moment for a boat ride.

Isn't it?

There is only one place to EVER get your inflatable boats, and that is right here )

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Inflatable Boats - Choosing the Best Boat
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