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How Small Inflatable Boats Create Big Lasting Memories

Kevin D Browne

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Looking for small inflatable boats? Phew, you are so not alone on this one.

It seems that people everywhere near water anywhere are looking into small inflatable boats in a very big way.


Because the costs of purchasing, maintaining and operating a regular sized boat was ALREADY out of control. . . and that was BEFORE the price of gas started to read more like the price of a Broadway ticket!

Fact is the boating industry as a whole this summer has really taken it on the chin. Sales have gotten pounded not just for new boats, but for used boats, and for fishing charters, and on-water expeditions. . . etc.


But while the industry in general is fearing for their lives, the manufacturers and distributors of small inflatable boats have come up right to the front of the line. And they have done so not just because of the outrageous price of gas, but because for the past several years, they have been making advancement after advancement with these small water craft.

Outstanding materials. Far more durable fabrics. Streamline designs. New five ear warranties (if you can find them). These are the reasons why small inflatable boats have taken off!y

And here's the kicker to this entire article, many new owners of these boats actually reveal that the experiences in these small inflatable boats is actually “more like real boating. " The comments being left in the Comments Box online seems to be that these people really appreciate the naturalness of the way the boat sits on the water and how it moves with the waves. . . these are the things that are less obvious in a larger boat.

I liken it to the way someone on a motorcycle notices the smells of the local community as he or she drives through. . . while the drivers in the cars notice those sights and smells far less.

Small inflatable boats are completely in vogue right now.

And for a lot more reasons than the Saudis can take credit for!

There is only one place to EVER get your inflatable boats, and that is right here


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