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9 Fuel Saving Tips For Boaters

Richard P. Ostler

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Hello boaters, we all know buy now the boating costs have really sky rocketed with the high gas prices. Try not to let it ruin your boating season. Here are 9 Fuel Saving Tips for Boaters. With gasoline prices escalating it seem by the minute, here are a few tips for getting the most from a tank of gas and enjoy boating this summer without hurting your wallet.

1. Clean Boat Bottom

Why drive a boat with a thick coat of marine growth on the bottom? If you dock your boat, be sure to fight plant and barnacle build-up because the extra friction it adds burns fuel. You may want to apply a fresh coat of antifouling paint to prevent growth.

2. Minimize your Load

Leave the “extra junk" at home: Don't load the boat up with weight you don't need. Do some Spring cleaning and when you find all the “stuff" that's been collecting mildew in the bottom of your boat for years, its trash time.

3. Boat Maintenance

Keep your routine maintenance up to date. A well serviced outboard will get better fuel economy than one that needs or is due service. Clogged fuel injectors and fouled spark plugs are common issues that can sap outboard performance. An engine tune-up is an excellent investment and should easily pay for itself over the summer.

4. Pay Attention to Your Prop

If your Boat goes 30 mph with a like-new prop and know that you have noticed a few dings and dents in it the boat only goes 27 mph. that's a 10 percent loss in fuel economy, or figure you are wasting one out of every 10 gallons of gas you are putting into your tank.

5. Trim Properly

Pushing water costs money. Getting up on plane is a fuel-saver. Distribute the weight on your boat evenly and install trim tabs if necessary. If you've got an outboard, consider the option of after-market hydrofoils. Try to make as few throttle adjustments as possible, and find your boat's optimum cruising speed.

6. Watch Your Gauges

Monitor your speed, RPMs and fuel consumption to help find your boat's “happiest" speed. If you install a Fuel Flow Meter, you can monitor fuel consumption in real-time. This allows for accurate adjustment of throttle and trim.

7. Navigation Planning

The shortest distance from A to B isn't always a straight line or safe line, especially on Stoney Lake. Carry GPS and paper charts of your area and plot your course with fuel saving in mind.

8. Use a Trolling Motor

If you're an angler, buy an electric trolling motor and consume no fuel at all. Running your boat's main engine(s) at idle speed, outboard or I/O burns a lot of fuel and reduces engine life.

9. The Ultimate Fuel Saver

Dig out the canoe, kayak or paddle boat. Save $ and exercise all in one.

By making these seven easy strategies a part of your regular boating routine, you can fight back against high prices at the pump. And that's a battle we all want to win.

Happy Boating everyone, Rick Ostler

35 years self employed in the boating industry. Specializing in Bayliner Boats and Pontoon Boats. I grew my business over 300% when I went online. Now very involved in internet and social marketing, joint ventures and helping people do the same. I am volunteering my knowledge in a mentor program working with young entrepreneurs who are still in high school or college.


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