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Funny Boat Names What People Choose and Why


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One visit to a dock or a sea trip will make you aware of the funny boat names that people choose for their ships and boats. A lot of people buy new boats these days and naturally have to give them names. This is a little weird in itself. Why only name a ship? There is no written law anywhere and certainly, there are no such benefits. People so not name their cars, scooters or air planes, do they? This is a long tradition which has been followed by people all over the world from a long time. Every time someone goes out to buy a new vessel for themselves, they have to dream up of a name that strikes them as having some meaning with the boat. Much to the surprise of these people, this is almost the same as going out to a pet shop and buying a pet such a dog and them wondering what to name.

Eventually, people choose quite hilarious names for their boats so that it stands out in the crowded seas. These names range from a variety of things such as names of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Some people name their vessels after animals and marine life and some people have a tendency to name their crafts according to what they feel when they are traveling on it. For instance, a man bought a new sailing ship and ever since he first began using it, something always went wrong with it - the engine burnt, water leaked so electronics failed. This gave him a lot grief as the boat was quite expensive but to keep with his feelings, he named the boat Good Grief. What an explanation and choice for a title.

There are many people who give really weird names to their boat usually having a relevant meaning in another language such as Latin or Greek. Some want to give really simple meaning names to their ships but do so in a different tongue as this gives an air of mystery to the names and people begin to wonder what that actually means. Even though the meaning is quite simple, they different language makes it seem as something really deep and confusing. Some people want to name their ships with actually very simple phrases and expressions such as oh my god or good morning and so forth. However, this would sound very uninteresting and plain to observers. To keep that sense of enquiry, a different language is chosen. There was this man who wanted to name his boat yes, why not. Nevertheless, this was quite absurd for a name in English, so he chose Spanish and called it Si Como No. Instantly, the name changes into some weird meaning in a supposedly unknown language.

Other than this, people usually assign funny boat names to their prized possessions so that it gives them a feeling that they can cherish while aboard it. They give a name that makes them remember of happy moments of loved ones.

David Web is a boat enthusiast and has been writing many boat related articles to help other boat owners to save money by avoiding costly mistakes.

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