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Best Types of Inflatable Boats


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What are the types of inflatable boats?

Inflatable boats are great for lots of different outdoor activities but it's important that you get the right type of inflatable boat for your favorite outdoor activity. There are four main types of inflatable boats that you can buy and each one is best suited for a particular type of use. Here's a quick overview of the four types of inflatable boats and how to use them:

1. Yacht Tenders - These inflatable boats come in several different types but all of them are perfect for people that don't have a lot of boating experience or people that want a reliable, high quality inflatable boat to use for a variety of purposes. These boats are usually the most economical of all the different types of inflatable boats and offer great stability and sturdiness for the price. You can find these boats in sizes from 6 feet to 20 feet so you can easily find one that will fit a larger number of people if you're planning on taking friends or family with out when you go out on the boat.

2. V Hull - This type of inflatable has a wooden keel or sometimes an inflatable tube instead of wood that goes under the floorboards. The biggest advantage to using a V Hull inflatable boat is that you will get significantly increased handling and power. If you need an inflatable boat that will maneuver easily and has a lot of power but isn't terribly expensive a V Hull is a good choice.

3. High Performance Hull - These boats are considered to be a higher level of boat than the previous two and are really only appropriate for experiences boaters. High Performance Hull inflatables can travel a lot faster and have a lot more kick than the other types of inflatable boats and should be used carefully.

4. Rigid Hulls - Rigid Hulls are best for highly experienced boaters. These boats combine the lightness and durability of inflatable boats with a fixed fiberglass hull for increased handling. Rigid hulls are often used by police and water rescue teams because they are quick, sturdy, and can hold several people but also handle and maneuver easily.

No matter what type of inflatable boat you decide is right for you always do your homework when you're buying an inflatable boat to make sure that the type of boat you are buying is one that is well made and will stand up to normal wear and tear without being damaged or breaking down. Always compare the reviews and prices on a few different brand names before you buy your inflatable boat.

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