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Folding Kayaks Information


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Folding Kayaks have evolved over many century's and are still a popular form of kayak, offering the ability to be collapsed for storage and transportation and great strength to weight properties when extended for use.

Modern folding kayaks are constructed from water proof fabrics such as rubber and water resistant impregnated canvas. The material being stretched over a collapsible and light weight frame of aluminium, wood or even carbon. Once built a Folding Kayak is surprising strong and robust and can be used fro a great number of kayaking disciplines.

The origin the folding kayak can be traced back through archaeological remains for many hundreds of years and the basic concept of a folding kayak has remained fairly unchanged. Traditional folding kayaks were constructed from seal skins stretched over a wooden frame and stitched together with sinew or baleen. Folding boats were used for hunting by North American and Alaskan tribe's people as they could be transported and carried across the land and pack ice to the waters edge where they could be re assembled ready for hopping from ice flow to ice flow and island to island. Although modern folding kayaks are manufactured from modern materials the basic premise has remained the same a light weight and easily transported form of water transport.

If your looking for an inexpensive and transportable form of kayak then its worth investigating both inflatable kayaks and Folding Kayaks, there are now many online resources for you to track down the best kayak for you. As with all types of boating if you are taking to water for the first time it is advisable to seek expert tuition before kayaking solo. The should be plenty of kayak clubs and tutors to help with this for more information try you local canoe and kayak shop.

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