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Buying A Boat


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Buying a boat is a once or twice in a lifetime purchase for some people and a regular occurrence for others. It is a huge responsibility, although most individuals and families probably think about the fun they will have. Skimming along on the water, fishing from a peaceful spot along the river, or picnicking with friends out in the middle of an enormous lake-these enticing scenes are probably what lead most people to buy a fishing boat, runabout, or bow rider. They provide a great outlet for getting away from it all, kicking back and relaxing. It is a fantastic investment in family recreation and it's more affordable than you may think. Surveys indicate most people who don't own boats believe prices are 30% or higher than they actually are.

Buying a boat is similar to buying a car and shopping around for the best deal and the best financing can save you a lot of money up front. If you're buying a new boat, dealers often charge a “commissioning" fee to cover the installation of any special equipment, tuning the engine and other post-purchase items.

Yacht brokers are agents whom people hire to list and sell boats for them. The Department of Boating and Waterways has jurisdiction for the sale of brokered boats that are 16 feet or longer and weigh less than 300 gross tons. Yacht brokers are just like everyone else in business, there are a few bad ones, but most want to do a good job to keep you as a future buyer/seller. These brokers are going to have tremendous knowledge about boats in general and be able to answer your questions or find out the answers for you. Yacht brokers are recommended because of their experience and access to national and international networks of boat owners and brokers that will have boats to sell. It is strongly advisable you purchase through them as they will not only assist you with choosing the right boat, they will also help you with insurance and financing options which you should be thinking about at this stage.

It has been said that by the time a well kept and well maintained yacht is sold off by its owners, it has generally made its owner more money than what has been lost on maintenance, upkeep and depreciation.

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Bass Boat - The ABCs Of Buying From Authorised Dealer!
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