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Antique Pool Tables


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It is common knowledge that items made in previous years are much more durable in quality than products made today, due to the materials that were used during that time period. This is also true for pool tables. Compared to modern pool tables, the ones that were made during the late 1800s and early 1900s contain better quality wood and fabric. The craftsmanship is also outstanding, particularly the pool tables that were made during the art deco era.

Antique pool tables usually measure eight, nine, and ten feet in size. They are also commonly found with satinwood, three pieces of heavy slate in the bed, atop 6 legs, and the highest quality of wool material for the covering. The older styles are found to be made with up to seven different styles of wood.

An interesting touch on the antique pool tables is a drawer hidden under the table to hold the balls and the cues. Exquisite tables to have been discovered are ones with Victorian designs upon a light oak finish. There are also decorative designs on the cabinet panels. The more elaborate pool tables are made with ivory and diamonds that can be spotted in the rails.

Depending on how extravagant the item is, antique pool tables can vary in price, from 300 pounds to 5,000 pounds. There have also been some pool tables to cost as much as 900 to 1,000 pounds, depending on how detailed the table is. The reason for the high prices is of course because of the antique quality, but also because there are not as many antique tables available as there are new or used models.

However, the antique styles are not as hard to find as one would think. Many dealers, shops, or vendors have antique pool tables for sale. The only downside is that the prices are slightly more when you purchase through a shop, as opposed to an independent dealer. You can find vendors with antique pool tables or independent sellers in your area or online.

Be wary of “fake" antique replicas that the seller says is a true antique. Even if the pool table has an intricate design on the sides or molding, it does not mean that it is a true antique. You need to get under the table, examine the different types of woods included, as well as any type of signature signed by the company that made the product. These are all true tell signs of an antique. Of course, the ivory and diamonds mentioned earlier is no longer used in pool tables made by companies today.

Usually if the price is not very high, then that is a true sign that the product is not a real antique. One detail that you should notice is that a lot of antique pool tables have parts that have been remanufactured. Many of them have been restored to their original condition. However, in order to purchase an antique pool table with as much value as possible, you should seek one with very little restoration work done to the product.

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