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Billiards A Sport Or Just a Leisure Activity?


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Is billiards a sport or is it just a leisure activity? Some people say that billiards is just a fun leisure activity. You can have a pool table in your home and you and your friends can play for fun and goof off and/or you may have a bet on the game, too. Whereas with football and basketball, there is no betting (at least, it's supposed to be illegal, where the Celtics got away with so much). Some people go to pool halls and play a game of billiards with friends and other people they meet there. There is no real physical activity in billiards, nor real sweat and/or blood that you find in other sports, like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. People young and old can go and play pool or billiards. It is harder to go play baseball or football because you need to get a team together. With pool or billiards, you can just go by yourself and walk in and play or shoot around. With the sports, you cannot do anything like that. So on one hand I can see how billiards is a fun leisure activity.

On the other hand, billiards as a sport makes sense to me, too. The reason why is because you can play billiards professionally where you have matches and play against someone else. You also have different types of matches like trick shot matches. If you have ever watched ESPN, they show billiard matches all the time, like 8-ball competition, trick shot competition and other competitions as well. So, to me, if it is broadcasted on ESPN then it must be a sport because ESPN is truth and is there is no other channel you need to watch.

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Jason Valderrama

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