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Youth Basketball


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Get the Most from Youth Basketball

For coaches to help their athletes get the most out of their youth basketball experience, they need to understand why their athletes are participating. Youth athletes may be participating for any number of reasons, such as love of the sport, desire to be with friends, or at the behest of their parents.

To inspire athletes in youth basketball, coaches need to motivate each athlete by learning about their triggers and helping them get more out of the sport. Coaches must treat players individually while still building a unified team. By finding this delicate balance, coaches will foster good behavior and fun at youth basketball activities.

Discipline in Youth Basketball

Discipline can sometimes be an issue with youth basketball. Coaches and parents have the responsibility to police activities and keep everyone in line. Youth athletes need oversight, so coaches should be prepared to watch athletes at all times. It will help to have assistant coaches or volunteer parents to assist during difficult drills.

Not only does oversight help parents and coaches ensure the safety of all athletes, it helps promote proper technique and discipline during sports practice.

Working with Parents

Coaches have a responsibility to work with parents, but it can sometimes be difficult. Parents often have different priorities than coaches, but both should work together to help young athletes have a great experience.

If coaches and parents disagree, they should look to their similarities. Both want the athletes to learn good technique and excel at the sport. Both want the athletes to build strong social relationships and enjoy themselves. By focusing on the similarities instead of the differences, parents and coaches can collaborate to create a positive, memorable experience for young athletes.

Balancing Priorities

Coaches are expected to do much more than just teach proper sport technique. Coaches must be friends, mentors, cheerleaders, teachers, and policemen. To help wear the right hat at the right time, coaches need to understand their different roles and recognize what their athletes need.

Coaches should always be watching to recognize how to best support their athletes. A good way to do this is to get to know each player's habits and personality so the coach can pick out inconsistencies that may mean the athlete is experiencing personal problems.

Above all, basketball coaches must put the safety and well-being of the athletes above any other priorities. This means that every decision should be made with the athletes in mind in order to keep them safe, happy, and learning new skills.


To help kids have a great youth basketball experience, the coach needs to be “tuned in. " Coaches should get to know each player so they can properly support that player. Coaches should also understand why their athletes are involved in the sport so they can best motivate each athlete.

Finally, to help everyone get the most from youth basketball, coaches should prepare for behavioral problems needing discipline and seek to work well with parents. Doing so encourages athletes to stay involved and helps build positive community relationships.

Coach Anderson's passion is basketball. You can get his printable youth basketball drills, plays and practice plans on his website:


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