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Girls Basketball Drills


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How to Incorporate Drills into Practice

Girls basketball drills can be practiced by the girls alone and on their own time. They can also be used in practice to help girls learn the basics of basketball and improve their technique. Coaches should consider using girls basketball drills in every practice to build confidence, instill a routine, and practice basic concepts.

Girls basketball drills are the best way for a coach to work on improving her team's ability. Drills should make up the majority of practice, but there should be several drills so that players do not get bored.

To incorporate drills into practice, coaches should consider their current flow of practice. Do drills fit in after a warm-up and stretching? Do they fit in after a review of the previous game and a discussion about improvement? Wherever a coach believes drills fit in should be the main concern.

How Often to Practice Drills

Girls should be encouraged to practice drills as often as possible. The majority of drills for girls basketball can be done alone or with a group. For this reason, girls should strive to take these drills home and practice them as well.

In practice, coaches should consider how much time they can devote to drills. It does no good to teach a drill and then run through it only once. Athletes need time to learn and practice, so they need time to repeat a drill several times. A good rule of thumb is that athletes should do a drill five times. If there are multiple positions to the drill, they should do each position five times.

This may make a drill too long, so coaches need to adjust. The main point is that athletes need some type of repetition so they can consolidate their learning and not only focus on remembering which step comes next. By creating muscle memory, coaches allow athletes to focus on other areas of the drill.

Choosing Appropriate Drills

Many coaches struggle with decisions on which drills to choose for their athletes. If athletes are young or not fully mature, choose drills that are simple enough to learn quickly. Young athletes get bored and frustrated easily, and coaches need their athletes to be paying attention fully.

These drills should be easy to learn and work on a specific skill. Drills should be focused and short, so that athletes know what skill they are to improve and how to do it.

Older athletes may be able to handle drills that are faster-paced and involve more strategy. These drills become almost like a scrimmage, with players making quick decisions in order to reach a common goal. These drills can be longer and more complicated to keep athletes interested and challenged.

Final Thoughts

Girls basketball drills are an essential part of practice. Coaches should also encourage girls to take drills out of practice and use them as much as possible. Athletes should use drills in practice to learn new skills, build discipline, and create a routine. Drills for girls should be chosen based on the difficulty of the drill, its specific skill focus, and its ease of mastery.

Coach Anderson's passion is basketball. You can get his printable drills, plays and practice plans in addition to lots of other basketball drills for girls on his website:


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