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Rudy Gay - How to Increase Your Vertical Jump


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Have you seen Rudy Gay's dunk over Louis Scola and Dikembe Mutombo? This dunk wasn't human! Now what about his facial on Yi Jianlian during the summer league?

Ok, we all know the 22-year old Memphis Grizzly can jump.

But what was his best dunk in his own opinion?

"The best dunk I ever had in a game happened when I was in college and we played UMass and we were going on a run. We were probably up maybe two points at the time. So, I got a steal and I went down and did a windmill and after that we started killing them. It was done after that. They called a timeout. The game was over. " - Rudy Gay

What about Gay's first dunk ever?

"I remember my first dunk. I was in the seventh grade, it was AAU and I got a steal and my teammates wanted me to get a dunk. They knew I was practicing trying to get it. So, I was guarding the point guard and stole the ball, threw the ball to my teammate and we had a fast break. He threw the ball ahead, I caught up to it and dunked it. It felt great, but the funny thing about it was I got another steal and I tried to do the same thing, but my leg gave out and I couldn't dunk it. Same game, next possession, I almost fell. " - Rudy Gay

Actually, the last sentence of the quote reminds me of Gay's performance in this years NBA Slam Dunk Contest (2008, Gay was eliminated in the first round and Dwight Howard won the contest). Rudy can definitely do better!

In case you didn't know: the 6'9'’ Small Forward has a 40.5 inch vertical and claims to be able to dunk on a 12-feet-rim! It's too bad the NBA didn't allow to raise the rim that high in the Dunk Contest.

Now talking about a 40 vertical, how can you increase your vertical jump?

Everybody knows about calf raises, lunges and the jump rope.

But how about simple squat jumps?

It's actually one of most effective exercises to improve your vertical jump! But you have to do them right:

1) Normal squat position.
2) Go down so that your thighs are parallel to the ground.
3) Explode into the air as high as possible.
4) When you land, go down quickly into the parallel squat position. Hold this position for one second and repeat for the required number of repetitions.

You can also vary this exercise: try to jump back in the air as soon as you land (8 reps. )

Of course, those tips are just the beginning, for more details and if you seriously want to increase your vertical, I highly recommend The Jump Manual:

p. s. Rudy Gay's body fat percentage: 5.7 %!

You want to reduce your body fat? Start running regularly and completely cut the fatty food (no donuts, cakes, ice-cream, burgers!). You will lose weight and that will help you to jump higher because every extra pound is unnecessary weight you have to get up in the air. Even Michael Jordan had a stiff fitness workout just to avoid the extra pounds.

p. p. s. Now what was Rudy Gay's best dunk ever in your opinion?


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