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Baseball Drills - How Important Are They?

Bill Bathe

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What are baseball drills? You hear the term “baseball drills" over and over. Are they just something that we use because someone told us to use them? Are they exercises that the dad down on the corner taught us, and thought it might help our kid hit a home run? Are they baseball exercises that you learned from your dad or former coach?

Baseball drills are a means to develop the proper fundamentals. And the proper fundamentals need to be taught at an early age. What happens in today's world, is the dad wants to impress his son with helping him to hit better. You can't blame him for wanting to do this. I did this as well with my son. However, before lending a hand, make sure you know what you are talking about. Because if you don't, you will be setting your son up for failure. And we all know that the game of baseball is hard enough as it is all by itself. We don't need to add to this. So how do we know if we have the right baseball drills?

If you have been around the game for awhile, you should have a good idea about what develops a good swing. What develops a good infielder. What develops a good catcher. If not, do some research and find out what makes a good player. Try to learn what good drills are out there. Read books, go to the library and make sure you are learning the basics from a credible resource. Use the internet also to find additional information. There are a lot of baseball drills out there and some are not good for your kid. So your best weapon, for example, is to know the mechanics of a good swing. Then learn all you can about the swing. If you are coming from a background of not knowing as much as you should, then make sure you are finding out what are the right drills for your kid. It is better to know what is the right drill and what is wrong so you can avoid the bad habits. Just because the local neighborhood dad is teaching the boys on the street how to hit and throw, doesn't mean that he is teaching the right way. Be knowledgeable.

You are going to hear from many resources all kinds of different baseball drills to use. From college coaches, pro baseball players, high school coaches, amateurs, and folks of all kinds. Underneath all the layers of different techniques and drills, lies one solid fact. They relate to the basic fundamentals and the drills are a way to get to that point. For example; using a batting tee to help with your swing. What does that mean? The batting tee is a way to isolate the swing without the pressures of the game, so that you can make sure that the hitter is using proper balance, taking the right stride, and driving off of the back leg. The fundamentals are:

  • Balance
  • Proper stride
  • Proper weight distribution
The drill to get to the right fundamentals is the batting tee.

Know what you are talking about before you offer to lend a hand. You will be doing your son a favor in the long run. It is important to know what drills are acceptable and worth their weight in gold. It is also important to know which drills do not work. The right baseball drills are an important part of the game for the right development and future success of your kid.

Bill Bathe - former major league ballplayer who played for the Oakland A's and S. F. Giants and played in the 1989 world series. Was tutored under such greats as Eddie Matthews, Billy Williams, Harmon Killebrew, and Dusty Baker to name a few. Website is
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How Important is Baseball Training?
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