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How To Prevent Baseball Shoulder Injuries And Frozen Shoulder Syndrome


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A lot of amateur and professional Baseball develop frozen shoulder after a few years of playing. One major injury can set your career back for months and years.

Frozen shoulder syndrome can occur if a traumatic injury occurs to your shoulder joint. Initially, it is very painful and hard to move your shoulder around. Later, your shoulder will stiffen and become weak. To prevent these injuries, make sure you participate in an injury prevention program.

Warm Up

Make sure you get blood circulating throughout your body by having a good three minutes jog. This will help you to decrease the risk of muscle tear or straining of the major muscle group of your shoulder.


Stretch your entire muscle group. When you do the stretches, hold the stretches for approximately, 10-20 seconds and make sure you don't stretch into pain. Stretch gently and slowly, and allow yourself to breathe. Do not hold your breathe while performing the stretches.

Cool Down

After you finish your game or intensive training, let your body cool down. After a game, your body will produce excess muscle waste that may irritate your body and cause ‘stitches’. You can prevent this by jogging for about 2-3 minutes. Let your heartbeat slow down and allow your breathing pattern to become normal.

In conclusion, if you keep doing these exercises before you start your game, your chances of injury will significantly be reduced. Having a condition such as Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is an awful condition that you will never want to have, so make sure you do your exercises!

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Shoulder Injury Exercises and Tips For Healing Your Shoulder Fast
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