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Table Tennis Makes A Great Addition To Your Game Room

Chickie Maxwell

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What constitutes the perfect home game room? Of course, the first thing you’re going to need is a video game system. It’s recommended you have a couch to sit on while playing as well. Next, you’re going to need a pool table. If you can’t fit a regulation-sized pool table in your game room, consider a smaller version. Both options offer fun, entertainment and social interaction. The third addition you’re going to need is a ping pong table. If you don’t have a ping pong table in your home game room, then you are disqualified from the “Best Home Game Room” competition. In other words, you’re game room is going to be lame.

The coolest thing about table tennis is that you’re always moving. In addition to that, you don’t need to be athletic to be great at ping pong. Will it help if you’re athletic? Sure. However, some of the best table tennis players in the world can’t swing a bat or throw a football if their lives depended on it. Table tennis can make you a better athlete, though. The reason for this is because it’s constant eye-hand coordination. The more you practice, the better you’re going to get, regardless of your coordination.

Staying with the point above, if you’re competitive and you would like to destroy your friends in table tennis when they come over, then it’s recommended that you buy a foldable ping pong table. This will allow you to practice when you’re by yourself. Simply take the net down and fold the other half of the table to an upright position, which will make a wall. Crank some tunes and get to work. Not only are you going to improve, but you’re going to get in better shape in a hurry. While playing table tennis isn’t like running a marathon, you’re still burning calories. The more you practice, the more calories you will burn. That being the case, even if you’re not competitive and you have no interest in destroying your friends in table tennis, practicing on your own is a great alternative to running several miles on the track every day.

Another added benefit to owning a ping pong table is that it will likely improve your relationship with family members. This might sound crazy on the surface, but if you live in the same household as your father, brother and/or sister, then you might see why this is the case. Think about your home life. Aside from watching TV and movies, how much quality time to do you spend with your family? If you’re like most people, then it’s not much at all. That’s because people don’t have the same interests. For example, you’re not going to want to watch your sister’s cheerleading video, your dad isn’t going to want to play your video games and your brother would rather text with his friends. However, anyone can play table tennis and it offers fun for everyone. Before you know it, the entire family is spending more time together, laughing and having a good time. If you don’t believe it, give it a shot. Once you add a ping pong table to your home game room, your social and family situations will improve, as will your conditioning.

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