Not All Paintball Markers are Made the Same!


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There’s a wide selection of paintball markers on sale, so it pays to do your research to make sure you buy one that suits your abilities. Paintball guns range in price from under $200 for a decent entry level gun, such as a Spyder or Tippmann, to over $1000 for a tournament style marker such as an Angel paintgun. If you’ve just discovered the sport of paintballing and want to play regularly, it makes sense to buy your own gun and gear rather than rent it each time you go to games. As well as a marker, all paintballers must wear masks out on the field, and you’ll need to check out equipment like hoppers and air tanks too.

Paintball gun packages can be a cheap way to buy all the supplies you need in one go, but make sure you’re getting value for money. There are some top quality markers available at discount prices, but there are a few tips you should know to help you choose which is the best deal. First of all, decide whether you want a basic pump action gun, a semi auto or a fully automatic. These various types have different rates of fire and work in different ways. Look for a paintball marker that doesn’t need lots of upgrades to improve its performance and that’s easy to keep clean and maintain. Some paintballers like to change barrels and add electronic trigger frames to make their gun shoot faster, but this shouldn’t be necessary if you buy a decent sniper.

When you’re running around during the game dodging your opponents paintballs and grenades, you want a gun that you can depend on. Get info on reliable models by reading reviews in magazines and by speaking to other paintballers. Look for guns with a sturdy construction that aren’t cheaply made, but are light enough to maneuver easily out on the field. A metal body is generally preferable to plastic. Black, camouflage or matte colors won’t make you stand out as much as a brightly colored shiny marker. Check the air supply. A CO2 tank is better than cartridges.

There are some fantastic deals to be found at online paintball stores. All sorts of markers, safety gear and other paintball stuff can be found on the internet at affordable prices. By shopping around you should be able to get the marker you want at a great price.

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