The Secret to the Correct Sizing of Outfielders Gloves

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When you’re purchasing outfielders gloves, one of your main concerns should be sizing. You want your glove to guarantee, if not improve, your performance out there when a fly ball comes your way. But you also want the glove to be comfortable, durable, and snug.

The glove ought to be a size that makes ball catching, handling, and controlling a cinch. You should have no problem with opening and closing it quickly to snatch the ball out of the air and launch it in one smooth motion toward home plate for the game-winning out.

When it comes to practical comfort and fitting, the glove should also feel snug around your fingers without pinching them or cutting off your circulation. You can’t expect to play outfield if you have pins and needles in your hand. With all of the rules and things to look out for, you might get a little uptight when you’re out shopping next for your mitt. Don’t be.

Experts recommend an easy to follow guide for purchasing both outfielders gloves and infielders glovers, which will ensure that you pick the perfect fitting glove for you, your kid, or anyone else for that matter.

This sizing guide is based on your age and your position, and though it may not be perfect, it’s a good starting point whenever you’re on the market for a new mitt. For children under 8 who play infield, for instance, they should try the fit on a 9 inch glove. Outfielders of the same age should go for 11 inches.

Children of age 9 to 13, on the other hand, should go with 9 to 10 inches if they’re in the infield or 11 to 12 inches for the outfield. Players at the high school and college levels (or any adult league for that matter) should stick with 10.5 to 12 inch gloves for the infield and 12 to 13 inch gloves for the outfield.

Why the bigger outfielders gloves, you ask? Outfielders need the bigger gloves with the deeper pockets to cut down the distance between them and the fly ball. Every inch counts!

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