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Part of any good ball club's softball equipment repertoire should be a training manual that players are required to read themselves, as well as read it as group where every one is able to practice out loud the concepts that are being put forth.

Despite how well the softball equipment a league is accessing is maintained, and even if it is the best, such as quality gloves, bats and other gear, the team should have a good resource for learning the skills of the ages of the sport, as brought only through the careful study and compilation by experts.

There are numerous books out there to discover, and each would have something of value to offer. One interesting such publication is entitled Baseball Intellect by Larry Downes and D. Bruce Gilbert. In the book, tips on how to hit are revealed, which are as valuable or more to any player and should be included in the list of items of your softball equipment needs.

Downes and Gilbert offer some excellent and concise hitting tips, such as the following: In an effort to increase the power of his swing, the hitter will strive for maximum arm extension. If properly executed, the hitter will form “the hitting triangle" just after contact.

The triangle constitutes both arms fully extended toward the bat and the hitter's head tucked between his shoulders. Keeping this and other items in the repertoire of your teams softball equipment will ensure a strong season of wins!

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