A Look at Tunnel Batting Cages


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If you attend a competitive baseball or softball camp, you will likely encounter tunnel batting cages. Just like standard batting cages, “tunnel” models are an invaluable tool for improving a batter’s speed and accuracy in hitting a baseball or softball.

Tunnel batting cages are often used at commercial batting cage facilities, and hold many advantages over other types, including standard indoor and outdoor models. The name “tunnel batting cages” describes the tubular shape of the cage, which allows more cages can fit side by side in an allotted area, and also allows many batters to bat simultaneously.

The longer length and narrow width of tunnel batting cages has other advantages. With the long, relatively limited width of the cages, balls will stay in a smaller area without the risk of rolling too far away. The length is also beneficial because it allows batters to hit farther distances while practicing.

Tunnel batting cages come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are available in portable models as well as permanent fixtures. Additional sections can be purchased for portable tunnel batting cages in the event that length needs to be adjusted. In addition, tunnel batting cages can be purchased for indoor or outdoor use. Assembly and dismantling of portable tunnel batting cages is usually quick and simple, allowing for simple relocation, construction, and storage.

A popular application of tunnel batting cages is to improve batting speed and force. To help measure progress, radar guns are often available to track the speed of a ball. Tunnel batting cages are also useful in practicing hitting distance while keeping a ball in a confined area. Whether tunnel batting cages are used for indoor or outdoor activities, the quality of construction should match the objectives of the organization. A batter can improve his or her game tremendously with the proper equipment.

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