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My husband is a die-hard Yankee fan, always has been, probably always will be. I’m a Yankees fan also, though parental duties limit the time I can devote to watching games. When I first met my husband I was big into the Yankees, watching nearly every game. During the first part of our relationship, he worked long hours, often times missing the televised Yankee games. It was years before Al Gore invented the Internet, so the only way to get live updates on the game was to call me up. It was a good bet that I was watching the game. He was happy that I could share in this part of his life, but he always seemed skeptical, looking for a sign that I was really, truly a Yankees fan.

One day it happened, we were watching a Yankees game on TV. Suddenly the face of Thurman Munson, famed Yankee catcher appeared on the screen. Thurman died in a tragic plane accident years before we met. My husband, boyfriend at the time, quickly asked me “Do you know who that is?" The answer was simple, of course I knew who it was. I replied simply “Thurman. " I passed the test. He looked at me, a smile appearing broadly across his face. I think he realized at that moment, that I was the one.

Thank you Thurman Munson, may you rest in peace.


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