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Or should I say kayak? A lot of people have actually been taking the outdoorsy, rugged road for quite some time. Simply having the time of their lives by going through all sorts of adventure sports that is being invented by the minute. Of course, as much fun as it seems to be, being the outdoorsy type doesn’t just have pure fun all the time, a lot of those times, just camping out and doing things au naturel have had people lugging in a lot of their stuff around just to “relax” and have a good time while being away from the bustling city lights.

Let’s be honest for just one second here, thus the thought of carrying your stuff around sounds like any fun to you at all? No? That’s what I thought. Fortunately for you, a lot of manufacturers share the same sentiment, thus coming out with various innovations to suit one’s lifestyle, needs and wants. Inflatable kayaks are all the rage right now, may it be the handy-dandy single person inflatable kayak or the 2-person variety, it really does depend on you.

So what are the perks for having an inflatable kayak? For starters, it’s incredibly convenient to take it with you on your outdoor and nature trips, you can just stuff in a bag a you’re ready to go. No more cumbersome hardshells kayaks that keep on bumping at everyone as well being such a burden wherever you go. This may seem unbelievable but inflatable kayaks are actually a durable as the hardshell kind. Of course manufacturers have thought about it beforehand, you’ll be taking your inflatable kayak to rugged waters, not in indoor pools. Inflatable kayaks are built to survive all those toss and tumbles in whitewater training. In spite of the unfortunate possibility that it might get caught in something sharp, inflatable kayaks are actually built with multiple layers in order to survive sudden pokes so as to provide safety for its users, rest assured it won’t just suddenly pop like a balloon if ever something pointed pokes at it. Also, they’re pretty easy to maneuver, whether on whitewaters or on flat waters, inflatable kayaks are pretty easy to use. When it comes to wallet damage however, you must keep in mind that even though this is an inflatable kayak, seemingly cheaper than hardshell kayaks, you still need to give a little extra in order for you to get real good quality. Keep in mind that when it comes to these things, it’s better to invest in something that you’ll get to use for quite some time, rather than pay real cheap for something that’ll probably will last you for just a day. It’s not possible that you won’t be able to find an inflatable kayak which will suit your needs, wants and budget, with a big market, there’s always something for everyone. Also, you might think that you’ll be saving a lot with those pumps that companies include in inflatable kayak sets, but always try it out first, a good pump is as important as finding a good quality inflatable kayak, without it, you won’t be able to use your inflatable kayak at its fullest. Aside from checking out the seams of your inflatable kayak, ask for the sales person to pump it up for you and see if it’s really of good quality. Never rely on mere pictures or sales talk. Never be shy to try things out and ask questions, that’s what sales people are there for in the first place.

The only possible drawback when it comes to inflatable kayaks is that you need to have a lot of patience when it comes to pumping it up as well as when it comes to “deflating” it before you head home. Yet, the pros really does outweigh the cons right? For people who don’t have enough space – not just in their cars, but also in their homes, as well as those who hate lugging around heavy equipments, an inflatable kayak surely is a worthwhile investment.

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