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As in any other sport tuning your equipment, to your needs or for better performances, is essential. In this article you will be able to read about tuning foil kites to your needs.

Usually, 3 line foils are having the brake lines attached to the center of the bar and the front lines both attached to the ends of the bar. In most cases, this leads to needing a power steering line to attach each front line to its corresponding trailing edge. So, the power steering line should have no tension or slack while the kite flies straight overhead. The kite will be turned “unluffable" no matter that there can be quite gusty wind conditions. All this just by properly tuning the power steering line. Remember that the power steering lines are very similar to an “automatic" brake, that should stop the kite in case it might overfly.

The Concept Air kites offer the possibility to be tuned by using a VSS system, so that they would fly faster or slower. Just like this type of kites, a foil can be also tuned to fly faster or slower. The interesting thing to know is that the Concept Air kite bridal is made up of three sections: the front bridal, the middle bridal and the trailing edge bridal. The trailing edge bridals are connected to the brake lines, while the front and the middle bridals are connected to the front lines. The kitesurfer using such a kite type will be able to adjust the angle of attack of the kite, by using the VSS system that has a number of attachment knots. The kiter may simply shorten the front bridal, decreasing the angle of attack and thus making the kite fly faster, or, on the other hand, a kiter may lengthen the front bridal and shorten the middle bridal at the same time, in order to increase the angle of attack. This way, his kite will fly slower, as it will have more pull.

The vendor you purchased your kite from should be able to tell you how and when to tune your kite. If you need more information contacting them would be a good idea.

For all the tips and tricks on kitesurfing visit our kitesurfing guide now. For great information on kitesurfing equipment visit our kite surfing equipment page.


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