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Tour Edge Exotic Drivers


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Tour Edge Golf, until recently, has been in the value segment of the industry. Now, after 20 years in the business Tour Edge is celebrating moving from the value part of the business to the performance side. After all these years Tour Edge believes that they now have a set of clubs that can compete with the leaders in the golf industry. This new line is called the Exotics line of high performance and premium priced clubs. Their first foray into this market was a line of fairway woods that got very good reviews and a strong fan base. Now, new for this year is the Exotics driver that it is hoped, will follow in the success of their Exotic fairway woods.

Tour Edge realized that it had the capability and know how to make unique and high performance clubs. Along with this higher performance would also come higher prices. The company had always been known for high quality equipment but at a reasonable price so the performance had to be there to justify this new line at the higher prices.

To make an example of the Exotics line construction we will talk about the 460cc Exotics Driver. These clubs feature a multi material manufacturing process. There are 3 different titanium alloys used in the construction of the Exotics driver. The driver body is made from 6A4V titanium which is the most common in titanium drivers. What makes this construction interesting is that the crown of the head is made from 15-3-3-3 beta titanium which is applied as a very thin (0.4mm) skin which of course is very light. This helps to keep weight off the top of the club and keep it concentrated to the bottom.

Attaching the crown to the body is a unique (exotic) process that uses a proprietary chemical bonding instead of welding. This is a combo brazing process using a vacuum heat curing technique. By not welding you will not deposit a heavy metal that is used in traditional construction. This improves feel and creates a better energy transfer due to the integrity of this bonding process.

The Exotics Drivers face is made from a piece of forged SP700 titanium. This material is known to have great rebounding properties. This piece is laser welded into place using a robotic process that eliminates any excess material and creates the tightest tolerances in the industry.

The outside of the face (hitting surface) also uses lasers to engrave the score lines across the face. This keeps the lines at a more shallow depth as in a cast face and makes the lines more consistent. The results of this are a stronger piece and a better energy transfer at ball strike.

The Exotics driver comes with three well known graphite shafts. Each one has been modified to be used with this driver. The first is the YS-Exotics 50gr shaft that can be had in 4 different flexes and is best suited for slower swings. The next is the Fujikura High-Launch 55-gram shaft and comes in 3 different flexes and suits the mid range of swing speeds. And finally there is the Aldila NV-Exotics 65-gram shaft that comes in 3 different flexes including an “X" flex for someone who can swing like the pros. All of these shafts do come in a 45" length but Tour Edge can create custom lengths if you need it.

The Exotics Driver fits right in with most of the top drivers on the market in terms of looks. The crown is a very deep black with a highly polished finish. It is a very clean look with no alignment mark on the surface. At address, it feels like any other driver as the head looks like a common shape. One thing that does stand out on this driver though are the 2 screws set next to each other at the heal, outside of the head. Each one is tungsten filled and weighs 6 grams each. They have been put there to help square the face at impact.

My name is Allan Stewart and I have several websites dedicated to health and well being for people and pets as well as product information. Want to learn more about Tour Edge products, go to: Tour Edge XCG Irons Or visit my website at Tour Edge Clubs for more information about the best quality Golf Clubs.


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