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What is a Road Bike?


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Road bike is also called road bicycle. Road bike is also the terms used to refer to racing bicycle. Racing bicycles are designed with drop handlebars and multi gears. There are likewise road bikes available in single and fixed gear varieties.

Road bikes are used primarily on paved road. While you can ride a road bike even on unpaved road, its construction is usually designed for paved road.

There are different classifications of road bikes. We will discuss a bit about these road bikes to help you understand what road bikes are as against off-road bikes or mountain bikes.

Here are the classifications of road bikes

· Touring bicycles · Hybrid bicycles · Utility bicycles · Roaster · Recumbent bicycles

We will discuss a bit about these classification of road bikes below. Understanding these classifications will help you know road bikes well and this will definitely help you buy the road bike that you need.

Touring bicycle

Touring bicycles are designed for bikers who take part in bicycle tours. These bikes usually are robust, comfortable and capable of carrying heavy loads. This bike can handle long journeys and may run smoothly even on unpaved road.

Carrying with you basic repair tools especially in long journeys will help you avoid problem that you cannot handle.

Hybrid bicycles

Hybrid bicycles are road bikes that are designed for variety of recreational and utility purposes. While this classification of road bike is intended primarily for use on paved road. They can run smoothly on unpaved trails and paths as well.

Hybrid bicycles are used by many individuals while exercising or for riding with friends.

Utility bicycle

As the name implies, this road bike is designed for traditional commuting, shopping and running errands in towns and cities.

In some countries, they use utility bikes with carts to carry passengers aside from goods and materials when they go shopping or run errands.


Roadster is form of utility bicycle developed in UK. Of course, it is used mainly on paved roads or trails designed for bicycles.

Recumbent bicycle

Recumbent bicycles are road bike varieties designed for recreation and utility purposes. This differs in other road bikes because of its unusual riding position. In this case, the cyclist is seated in a reclined position.

Now that you know the different classification of road bikes, you can now buy the road bike that is specific to your need and of course, your wants.

If you need your bike for recreation alone, buying a utility bike may not be necessary. Choose the best road bike that fits your needs and your budget and now that you know their differences, you will be guided properly when you buy your bike.

Biking provides you with an option to reach your destination without contributing to pollution, which car exhaust does.

It surely is beneficial to have a road bike because it helps you exercise without going to the gym and because of its other functionalities like utility purposes, having a bike is more beneficial.

If you however do not require a mountain bike and needs

road bikes for recreation and utility, you do not need to buy a more expensive mountain bike. Settle for road bikes and enjoy riding on paved road.


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