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Razor Scooter Trick Tips


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There are tons of sweet tricks you can bust out on a razor scooter. Here I will share with you the basics of doing any trick. A few things to keep in mind when you are learning a trick, practicing a trick, launching a trick, landing a trick and the most important STYLE. A lot of people can do tricks on their scooters, but the key is to be able to make it look easy when you do it, that is style.

First is learning a trick. The best way to learn is by watching other people. If you have a friend that can do it just ask how they do the trick and start practicing yourself. If no one you know can do the trick head to the skate park or look it up on youtube to see if anyone is doing the trick you want to learn. You can always try learning by yourself but often times it helps a lot to get tips from someone else.

Next is practicing the trick. When you are practicing always wear plenty of protective gear, because chances are you will fall, a lot. If you are embarrassed to wear pads then practice with your pads on by yourself. If you fall with pads on you can always get back up and keep riding. Just do not ever ride without your helmet on no matter where you are riding. Most likely you are not going to make a living riding scooters so you are going to need that brain. Practice by taking the trick one step at a time. Do not worry about it looking good, just keep practicing until you get comfortable doing the trick.

As you are practicing and doing the tricks you need to remember a few things about launching and landing the trick. When launching the trick comfort is the most important. Make sure you are riding smoothly and focus on the trick. If you are approaching the launch but do not feel right do not try it that time and get set up again to try the trick. When landing the trick always make sure you land in motion. That means that you want to continue riding the scooter just like you were before you did the trick. If you are jumping then remember to bend your knees to absorb the landing and always center your body over the scooter to land so that the scooter does not shoot out from underneath you.

Lastly, the most important aspect for looking good when busting out a razor scooter trick is style. Style means that you make the trick look smooth and easy to do. This takes a lot of practice so that doing the trick becomes second nature. You have landed the trick so many times it just because natural to do. One good way to do this is make the trick harder to do. For instance if you want to make your tail whip look smooth, then try learning a double tail whip. Once you learn the double tail whip, go back to the tail whip and it will seem much easier and you will probably look way better doing it. If you do not feel comfortable with the double, keep practicing it but now you can bust out your single tail whips at the skate park with style.

Keep practicing your razor kick scooter tricks and have fun.

Josh has been riding the Razor Scooter for many years now. Scooters are an incredibly fun toy to ride. Razor also makes a very cool board that is called the Ripstick


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