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Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap


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There are several ways to increase vertical jump. At your training you will have to look for two things, to strengthen your legs and strengthen their fast-twitch muscle fibers which are essential for vertical jump and that will add few centimeters to your vertical jump. Increasing vertical leap will help you at sports like basketball (for better rebounding), volleyball (at hitting and blocking), soccer (being able to score with your head), handball, American football, rugby and others.

Power is one of the most important thing when jumping high. Physics say that power equals A/t, A being the work and t time but in sports power is better described as strength multiplied by speed and that is why training fast-twitch muscle is very important.

Every workout should be started with warming up and extensive leg stretches which is very important when building muscle fibers and will prevent injuries. The best way to continue is with jump rope which will higher your pulse which will help you with the final results. As I said before speed is important that is why you should go out and make few sprints and than continue with stairs. I recommend you the local stadion which usually has a lot of stars. Important thing is to run the stars with your toes than walk down and repeat the exercise on every second stair. The thing you should do next are the jumps. Start with jumping from the box and immediately back on to the box. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Continue with jumps where your legs are bent (3/4) and try to jump as high as possible land and repeat. . . Do 3 sets of ten repetitions and continue with jumping fast and not as high as before. Jump as soon as your toes hit the ground. The best thing is to find a target backboard or rim on the basketball court is a great target try to touch it 10times in a row and repeat it 3 times.

After you are done run for a mile and than stretch again. Complete the program every 3rd day and results will be seen in weeks.

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