How Will You Feel If You Don't Do It?


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I met a woman at a networking event and she shared a story with me that I will never forget. There was a man always looking for some adventure in his life and decided to try bungee jumping. So, he found a group that scheduled local bungee jumping trips and he went with them. While on the trip, he noticed that there was an older lady that reminded him of his grandmother and he didn't think that she would have the nerve to jump when it was her turn. So, he paid close attention to her. After he jumped and was standing at the bottom of where he landed, he looked up to watch the little old lady as she got ready to jump. And just as he suspected, when it was her turn to jump, she didn't. He noticed that the guides were trying to talk to her, but it wasn't working. He started to feel sorry for the older lady and thought it was just a matter of time before they walked her back down to the bottom where everyone that had jumped was standing. . . when all of a sudden. . . she jumped!

The man was so startled by the fact that she appeared to be so scared and refused to jump for what appeared to be almost 5 minutes, to where she was now at the bottom of the hill with a huge smile on her face. The man went over to her and asked her what they said to her that made her finally jump. The woman said that the guides asked her two questions:

1. How will you feel if you jump?

2. How will you feel if you don't jump?

When she told me that story, I couldn't help but think about how profound that story was. When you think about it, the woman was motivated to jump because she would've rather dealt with the fear of the challenge (although temporary) rather than running away from the challenge and being forced to live with the permanent scar of failing to meet the challenge and quitting.

The story also goes to show you that you never get too old to feel like a quitter if you take the easy way out by running away from a challenge instead of facing it. And why would we get too old to feel like quitters when we duck out on a challenge? The fact that the feeling doesn't go away should be a reminder to us all that we need to continue to grow every day we're alive.

When I decided to become The Wise Grappler, I never thought that I would be recording instructional DVDs or holding tele-seminars. But I am and it feels good. It also makes me feel anxious at times because I'd had no experience at doing either of them. What gives me comfort is the fact that I've succeeded in reaching every goal in my life that I was committed to achieving and this will be no exception. So, after a nervous few minutes behind the camera recording the instructional DVD, I looked like a pro. And I predict that my tele-seminar will follow in the same pattern.

What about you? Are you going to meet your challenges head-on and jump. . . or climb back down that hill and live with the memory of quitting in your mind forever? Remember, there's nothing wrong with being afraid to jump, just jump!

Paul M. Greenhill, “The Wise Grappler", is the creator of The Wise Grappler System and author of The Wise Grappler Ezine, a weekly ezine that provides martial arts training and personal development tips for the older (over 35) and non-traditional martial artists. To learn more about “The Wise Grappler" and to sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit his site at or contact him at .

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