Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike


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The old standby to teach your child to ride is to lean down and push them down the sidewalk. With the stingray bicycles you had a nice handle to hold while you were running.

This has never been optimal. There are several problems. One, your child becomes dependant on you holding them up, two if you let go they usually look back to see if you are holding them up and fall down. If they turn sharp while you are running with them they can fall in front of you. When you fall on top of them it hurts both of you. It is really hard to run while you are leaning down. Do not run behind the bike pushing your child.

The Simple Way to Teach your Child to Ride a Bike

Start by finding a very gently sloping unused road or driveway. Take the pedals and training wheels off the bike. Remember the left hand pedal will be threaded backwards.

Safety Gear Required

Have your child wear long pants, shoes not sandals or flip flops, a Helmet, and gloves are all recommended. Put the seat height so your child can easily touch the ground on both sides of the bike. Now let your child go up and down the gentle slope by using their bike as a hobby horse. They will quickly get the feeling of gliding with their bike.

Coasting down the Slope

Get them to go down the slope holding their feet up. With your bike do the same thing with them, you can probably leave your pedals on if you put your seat down a little. When they can hold their feet up and turn the bike they have mastered balancing and turning a two wheeler. Play at this for a while and get them turning both left and right. Put some little rocks on the road and use it as a slalom coarse. Add pedals and have them start by going downhill and pushing with their feet. Once they are moving have them start pedalling and they have it mastered.

Safely Teach your child to ride without training wheels.

Your back will not be sore, you will not have concrete burns on your hands and knees from falling over your child's bike. This is easy and it works great. This Bicycle tip is from Rick C. Kern owner Bicycle Hangar Missoula, Mt.

Rick C. Kern Avid Cyclist and Bike Shop Owner Check out the Bicycle Hangar Missoula, Mt Web Site Where we have lots more Bicycle Articles, and Installation Guides.
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Pocket Bike Importers Have The Guidelines To An Enjoyable Ride
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